Exhibitor Info

Last Name First Name State
Ahrens Albert OH
Arkfeld Genetics NE
Baade Anders NE
Baade Genetics NE
Banister Tony OH
Barney Family Farms   OH
Bartholomew Derek TN
Beery Rainey & Gunner FL
Beyers Farms   IL
Bodimer Jake OH
Burzlaff Dan IA
Coast to Coast Showpigs NC
Conover Brice IA
Cragen Chloe IN
Creager Farms   OH
Deel Kyle OH
Farrell Brock IN
Flaspohler Hope, Gracie, Reagan IN
Franckhauser Peter OH
Frueh Jared IL
Funkhouser Braxton IN
Funkhouser Elliot IN
Funkhouser Gary IN
Gerot Ryan IA
Gunn Dan WI
Hahn Ian and Wyatt IN
Hahn Kent IN
Hamby Haven Show Pigs MD
Harker Brice IN
Harker Family Genetics   IN
Hearn Brayden DE
Hilty Will PA
Hines Cailyn and Payton MI
Ifft Yorkshires   IL
Jaworski Nate MI
Kneubuhler Greg IN
Kuhlow Girls Show Pigs WI
Lahrs Purebreds   IN
Lannan Blaine IN
Look Max IL
Lyons Ricky and Chad FL
Mahlerwein Doug OH
Malcolm Farms   IN
Mantooth Wade IN
Martin Carly IA
Martin Chad IN
Martin David IA
Martin Lance MO
McCullough Maddux & Corbin OH
Neal Amanda FL
Neanen Scott OH
Page Jessica GA
Peter Farms IL
Platner Andy IA
Prichard Lorelei GA
Pullen Kashton & Kodee IN
Puntney Showpigs WI
RAR Genetics   IA
RNC Showpigs   IN
Robin Ridge Farm   IN
Robinson Eddie MO
Robinson Katelyn MO
Robinson Lauren MO
Rue Emma TN
Scher Maci IN
Scher Sam IN
Schultz Brett IL
Shaffer Gold Rush IN
Smith Cody & Samantha IN
Smith Don R OH
Stikeleather Briggs OH
Titus Matt OH
Trout Thomas IN
Walker Dean IN
Walker Tegan IN
Walker Troy IN
Watson Mike IN
Williams Cale IN