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What is the NJSA calendar year?

The current NJSA calendar year is August 1-July 31. All ages are as of Jan. 1 of the current NJSA year, and all new policies will be effective beginning Jan. 1.

How can I sign up to be an NJSA member?

Youth can sign up to be an NJSA member by filling out the short application and mailing it to the NSR office. A certificate and new member information packet will be mailed to new members within one month. (Download form)

What does it cost to become an NJSA member?

It is free to sign up and become a member; however there is a $25 annual participation fee due at the first NJSA show you exhibit at during the calendar year (Aug. 1- July 31). This fee covers expenses at shows throughout the year. Once you pay the fee, you do not have to pay it again for the rest of the calendar year.

Do I have to re-new my NJSA membership?

Youth never have to re-new their NJSA membership. Once signed up to be an NJSA member, youth will remain a member until they are no longer 21 years old as of Jan. 1 of the current NJSA year.

What do I get as an NJSA member?

As an NJSA member, youth receive the annual NJSA calendar, the June Youth issue of the Seedstock EDGE magazine, e-mail updates and the opportunity to compete in our several shows and events.

What are the age limits for the NJSA?

To be an NJSA member, youth must be 21 years old or younger as of Jan. 1 of the current NJSA year.

What are the age divisions in NJSA?

There are four age divisions in the NJSA: Novice (8 and under), Junior (9-12), Intermediate (13-16), and Senior (17-21). All ages are as of Jan. 1 of the current NJSA year.

Can I compete in the educational contests if I’m not exhibiting a gilt
or barrow at the show?
(Skillathon, Quiz Bowl, Judging, Speech, Extemporaneous Speaking,
Photography, Fine Art/Advertising and Ag Sales Contests)

Yes, youth can compete in all educational contests at NJSA events, even if they are not exhibiting a gilt or barrow at the show. However, there is a $5 participation fee for each contest they wish to participate in, if they are not an exhibitor.

Is PQA Plus certification required, and how do I become certified?

Yes, PQA Plus certification is required for all junior exhibitors participating in an NJSA event. Youth ages 8 and older are required to be Youth PQA Plus certified, while youth 7 years of age and younger must have parents with Adult PQA Plus certification. Current PQA Plus certificates or cards must be presented at check-in for each NJSA show in order to participate. Youth and adults can become certified by attending the Youth PQA Plus or Adult PQA Plus training sessions that will be available at each NJSA show, or by contacting the National Pork Board to locate a PQA Plus trainer near you.

What are the entry fees and late entry fees for NJSA shows?

Entry fees for entries post-marked 30 days prior to the start of the show (before the entry deadline) are $30 for purebred entries and $40 for crossbred entries. Entries post-marked 29 days or less before the start of the show (after the entry deadline), fees are $60 for purebreds and $80 for crossbreds. No exhibitor t-shirt will be guaranteed to exhibitors who entered after the entry deadline.

How are penning assignments done at NJSA shows?

Open and junior entries are penned separately. Hogs are penned by state, in alphabetical order according to the exhibitor’s last name. Requests are accepted to be penned next to another exhibitor(s) from the same state up until 7 days prior to the start of the show by calling the NSR office. Requests are not accepted for exhibitors to be penned with others from different states or with open entries. Crossbreds, purebreds, barrows and gilts are all penned together. Entries are penned two pigs per pen, per family. Pen cards cannot be moved once posted at a show.

What do I need to bring to a show to check-in my hog?

When coming to check-in, exhibitors need to bring the original pedigree and two copies of the pedigree for each purebred hog, the original health paper and two copies for each purebred or crossbred hog, and one copy of their current PQA Plus certificate or card.

How do I qualify to compete in the Sweepstakes Contest at an NJSA show?

In order to qualify for the Sweepstakes Contest, exhibitors must show a purebred gilt or barrow and participate in Showmanship and the Judging and/or Skillathon contests (the National Junior Summer Spectacular offers both the Skillathon and Judging Contests, so exhibitors must participate in both in order to be eligible).