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Litters for Texas Majors

Litters for Texas major shows MUST be registered by 4 p.m. EST, Thursday, Dec. 1.
If you are registering for these shows, please send them in by this date. 

Here are steps you can take to make sure your litter is registered.

  1. If you purchased semen, contact the boar stud and request an AI certificate for the sire of the litter. They will ask you for your herdmark and they will submit the AI certificate directly to the NSR.
  2. If you used your own herd boar for breeding, be sure you have submitted a DNA sample to bank with the NSR on your boar.  From that DNA sample, sires are required to be tested negative for the Stress Gene.  Additionally, Hampshire sire samples are required to have the Hampshire color test. Yorkshire sire samples are required to have York breed color and composition test (Please allow 1-2 months for this testing to be completed).  If we receive a litter application when the sire has not been DNA tested yet, we will proceed with the litter registration in a ‘Pending’ status.  Therefore, the litter registration date will still be day we received the litter information.  Once the DNA results arrive from the lab, we will release the registration papers of the offspring.  
  3. Submit your litter application via mail, fax, email, or online to NSR.  Be sure to include the ear notch and registration number of the dam and sire, the farrowing date of your litter, the litter ear notch number, the individual ear notches of each boar, barrow, and gilt in the litter, the total number born, and the number born alive.
    1. IMPORTANT REMINDER: Litters are registered as of the date the information is received, not as of the postmark date of mailed in litters.  To meet the litter recording deadline, the litter application must be received by NSR prior to closing Thursday, December 1. 
  4. Be sure to transfer pigs sold to the new owner of the animal. You may submit transfer information on the NSR transfer form at the same time as registering your litter or by filling out the back of each registration paper with the new owner’s information.  Be sure to include the seller’s signature and the date of sale.  The ownership date that prints on your registration paper will be the date of sale that was provided to us.