Showing by Age vs. Weight

Beginning in January of 2019 (NSR Winter Type Conference and NJSA Southeast Regional), all breeding animals will be shown by age but will also have an official weight taken prior to exhibition. This weight will be utilized in the show catalogs and provided to judges for supplemental decisions. This change applies to all open boars and gilts and NJSA purebred junior gilts. NJSA purebred junior barrows, crossbred barrows, and crossbred gilts will still be required to submit a declared weight and weigh back during the animals respective class.

Hampshire DNA Testing Policy Updates

December 21, 2018

The Hampshire Swine Registry Board of Directors has voted on and approved the following changes to the rules concerning the Hampshire Breed Profile Test (HBPT). These changes were implemented to mitigate the impact of the new testing procedure on innocent parties while maintaining strict guidelines on breed composition requirements to become a parent in the Hampshire Swine Registry.

Litters born on or before May 31, 2019, and sired by boars that failed the HBPT will be eligible for recordation in the Hampshire Swine Registry and will be issued a “Provisional” pedigree of registration. This “Provisional” pedigree will allow an animal to be exhibited in classes for registered Hampshire animals in junior or youth livestock events.  In order for an animal that is issued a “Provisional” pedigree to have full registration in the Hampshire Swine Registry and have the “Provisional” status removed, the animal must pass the HBPT.  No litters will be allowed to be registered in the Hampshire Swine Registry that are the offspring of an animal that is issued a “Provisional” pedigree that does not pass the HBPT.

  1. This in no way impacts the policy for stress and non-Hampshire color. Animals found to be carriers of stress or non-Hampshire color will continue to be excluded from the Hampshire Swine Registry.
  2. Phenotypic Breed Eligibility requirements must still be met.
  3. All litters born on or after June 1, 2019 must be sired by boars that have passed the HBPT.
  4. “Provisional” pedigrees will be visually differentiated from a standard Hampshire pedigree, with language stating this animal is eligible for exhibition.
  5. An animal with a “Provisional” pedigree is only eligible to exhibit in junior or youth livestock events, unless the animal is tested and passes the HBPT.
  6. If an animal with a “Provisional” pedigree is tested and passes the HBPT, the animal is then eligible to exhibit in open livestock events.
  7. It is the responsibility of the seller of an animal with a “Provisional” pedigree to inform the buyer(s) of the pedigree status.

Due to staffing and technology requirements, animals/litters that qualify to be registered with a “Provisional” pedigree will not be able to be recorded until January 15, 2019. These litters must be registered via the Litter Recording Application, which can be downloaded on nationalswine.com. Online or over-the-phone litter recordings will not be accepted. A.I. Certificate requests from the boar owner will need to be emailed to the NSR office. All transfers from these litters will need to be emailed to the NSR office; no over-the-phone transfers will be accepted. All NSR contact information can be found here.

Boars tested prior to July 1, 2018 will be required to be retested by February 1, 2019 on the Breed Profile Test. If a boar passes the requirements, the percentage and the boar will be listed on the NSR website. If a boar fails, he will not have his pedigree pulled, but will not be able to record litters farrowed on or after June 1, 2019. The breeder, owner, buyer, and/or seller of these animals will be informed of the animal’s percentage.

Owners of Hampshire females will have the opportunity to test females through January 1, 2020 without consequences of having the animals pedigree pulled. This research time frame allows breeders and owners to determine where their respective females are in regards to breed composition. If a female is found to be a stress carrier or carrier of Non-Hampshire color, their pedigree will not be pulled, but the female will not be able to record litters moving forward.

Junior animals will not be disqualified from NJSA events utilizing the breed composition testing. Junior animals will still have to pass parentage, stress, and for Hampshire animals, Hampshire color. Breeders will be informed if a gilt has a breed composition issue, but no awards or recognition will be repealed based on an animals breed composition. This policy is active through January 1, 2021. Junior animals are not required to be tested to exhibit at an NJSA or NSR event.

To view a video explaining the new Hampshire policy CLICK HERE.

For up to date information and resources regarding all breeds DNA policies please CLICK HERE.

Certificate of Veterinary Inspection Requirements

With the growing concerns and perceptions surrounding influenza, the NSR Executive committee moved to accept a policy that all animals at NSR events are required to be vaccinated with two boosters for influenza. This is a change from the previous language which stated “it is highly recommended that all animals be vaccinated against influenza.” All health regulation changes and updates can be found on the NSR’s website.

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