October 9, 2018

Dear National Swine Registry Membership and Stakeholders:

The Hampshire Swine Registry (HSR) Board of Directors met via conference call on Thursday, October 4, 2018 to discuss concerns regarding the Hampshire Breed Composition Policy addressed by a group of boar studs and breeders. After much discussion, the following action was taken:

  • All Hampshire boars that have passed the current breed composition testing requirements will be shared with the NSR membership. Moreover, the percentage of those animals will be shared.
  • Boars that were utilized in the original validation panel will be shared with the NSR membership.
  • Any breeder, owner, buyer, and/or seller of a Hampshire boar that has failed the current Hampshire Breed Composition testing will be informed of the percentage in which that particular animal failed.
  • Beginning on October 5, 2018- January 1, 2020, breeders will have the opportunity to test any female without having her pedigree pulled regardless of the percentage, however, females will still be expected to pass the original requirements of stress status and Hampshire color. The percentage of the animal will be shared with the breeder. It is not required to test females.

This information will be provided in the coming weeks. It is highly recommended to review the following attached article regarding the history and methodology of the testing. More information will be provided in the coming weeks. If you have further questions, please contact a member of the Hampshire Board or NSR staff.

Hampshire Sire Passed List


Hampshire Sire Validation List


DNA Article