Exhibitor Info

Ackerman Larry IL   2               2    
Baloun Braelyn SD   2               1    
Banister Chad & Tony OH 1                 1    
Beaty Alex IA                       2
Beckman Grayden MN   2               1    
Bodine John IN   1               1    
Breiner Sophia OH       2           1    
Brink Sadie Jean IA           1       1    
Brint Hayden IL                       2
Bunting Bailey IL               1   1   1
Cain & Family Earl IA 1 1 1 1           4    
Calmus Melanie SD   1           1   2    
Carlson Justin IA 1 1               2    
Carroll Owen MN   1               1    
Center Prairie Genetics   IL 1                 1    
Charlesworth Michael & Sharon IL     1             1    
Chelminiak Owen WI                       2
Chicos Sydney MN               1   1 1 2
Clark Families   IA 1 1               2    
Conover Adam MO             3 3   5    
Corbin Hadley MO       1           1    
Country Girls Show Pigs   MN             1 1   2    
Coursey Emma IL                       4
Day Farms Hamps   OK   1 2 2           4    
DJJ Durocs   MN 1 1               2    
Doherty Nathan & Megan WI                       2
Donkers Jason MN 1                 1    
Drake Purebred Farms   IN 1 1 1 1           4    
Dramen Gordon MN     2         1   3    
Earnhart Steve & Derek IN 1   1 1           3 1 1
Feldhaus Briar SD               1   1    
Forkner Farms   MO                     2  
Furlong Kerry WI       2           1    
Garman Mya IA                       2
Garman Wyatt IA                       4
Geurink Drew IA 1                 1    
Goehring Devin WI 1           2     3    
Goplin Jamie WI 1 1               2    
Graper Gavin IN                       3
Grimm Shon IA   1         2     3    
Gruber Brandon IL   2               1    
H & H Hampshires   OH       1           1    
Hackman Brody IA                       1
Hankins Avery IN   1             1 2    
Hansen Gage SD   1           1   2    
Hansen Gloria MN   1               1    
Hansen Hudson SD   2               1    
Hauser Ronald IA             1 2   2    
Hinshaw Levi IL                       2
Hofschulte Genetics    OK 1           1     2    
Howell Dick & Zack IL 1                 1    
Huelsenbeck Grant IN                       1
Hughes Showpigs   IL             1     1    
Huinker Wayne IA             1 1   2    
Huinker Durocs LTD   IA 2 2               4    
Iowa State University   IA                     1  
Iverson Ron IA     1             1    
Iverson Ryan IA                 1 1    
Jennings Clayton MO                       2
Jensen Ashley SD   2   1       1   3    
Keeku Michael WI             1     1    
Kindschi Austin OK 2 1               3    
Klinefelter Nate IL       2   1     1 3    
Kocher Clea KS                       1
Kocher Kirby KS                       1
Kolb Kurtis IL 1 3         1 4   6    
Koski Grant & Sierra WI 2 3         1 2   6   3
Koziolek Sydney MN                       3
Krauskopf Kasey IA                       1
Krebs Dave WI     3 3           5    
Kuhlow Girls Showpigs   WI 1 1         1 2   4    
Lane Wyatt IL                       1
Laucher Hampshires & Durocs   OH 1                 1    
Leddy Korbin SD   1           1   2    
Legred Adam & Jonah MN     1           1 2    
Lindquist Kelsey IL   1               1    
Lorenzen Farms   IL             1     1    
Martin Dave IA 2 3 1             5    
Marzahl Greg WI 1   1             2    
McAllister Brandi MN   1               1    
McCloud Farms   MO               2   1    
Mehmen Alison IA                       2
Mehmen Jackson IA                       1
Miles Avery SD                       1
Miller Hannah IL   1               1   3
Miller Hayden IL                       3
Nelson Brothers   SD   3               2    
Nilson Paul MN   3               2    
Nordmann Denver SD     1         1   2    
Olsen Yorkshires Chuck & Ben SD   1         1 1   3    
Parrish Howard OH 2 2               4    
Paustian Dean IA                     1  
Pendarvis Jace IL                       2
Perry Jenna MO   1               1    
Rappold Kristen OH                       4
RAR Genetics   IA 3                 3    
Real Charles TX     1       1     2    
Reuter Camryn MN                       3
Risuis Ryan MN               1   1    
Rodibaugh & Sons   IN   3           3   4    
Rohrs Brock OH               1 1 2    
Rourke Colby IA   1               1   1
Rourke Creigh/Cassidy/Colby/ Cuyler IA   1           1   2    
Schafer Eric IL                       2
Schmaling Durocs   WI   2               2    
Schmitz Logan WI                       2
Schroeder Hilman WI             1 1   2    
Schubert Luke WI                       2
Schubert Maggie WI                       2
Schubert Ryan WI                       2
Schuler Farms   NE       1           1    
Shoemaker Shae IL   1       1       2    
Sieren Jayme & Scott IA                     1 4
Smith Harm IN                       2
Snover Tristan NE 1                 1   1
Stewart Doug IA 1   1       1     3    
Stutzman Dan & Jan MI             1 1   2    
Sullivan Seth WI                       2
Sullivan Spencer WI                       2
Taylor Made Genetics   IL 2                 2    
Thom MacKenzie WI           1       1    
Valley Yorkshires   MN             1 1   2    
VanOpdorp Hailey IL                       4
Wagner Morgan IL                       4
Walkup Colby MO               2   1    
Walkup Madison MO               1   1    
Watson George KY             1     1    
Welch Tate MO                       2
Western Illinois University   IL             1 1   2 2 2
Wetzel Sam WI         1         1    
Whewell Russell IL 2 1   1   1       4 1  
Williams Brylee MO                       2
Winger Addison IN                       4
Wirt Randy SD     1 1       1   3    
Young Brett IL                       2
Young Cole IL                       4


  • ***Please contact Whitney Hendricks ( or 765.463.3594) with the ear notches and registration numbers of your open show entries by Friday, September 6th. 
  • Before leaving for the show, please make sure that all purebred entries meet breed eligibility standards for their respective breeds (color, markings, underlines, etc.).
  • ALL animals must be tagged with a permanently numbered, federally approved ear tag.
  • All entries must be ear notched using the official NSR system.
  • All breeding animals entered at the NBS® must have been owned by August 15, 2019, by the exhibitor.
  • No purebred entry or substitute entry will be allowed to show or sell without a registration certificate.
  • Purebred classes will be divided as equal as possible by farrowing date.
  • Crossbred boar exhibitors MUST present a documented stress test result at check-in for crossbred boar entries.
  • Crossbred boar pen cards will be provided at check-in and may be filled out by exhibitors.
  • No clipping is allowed in the barns.


  • All open show hogs must arrive on the grounds between 7 a.m. on Saturday, September 7, and noon on Sunday, September 8.
  • All animals must meet NBS® health requirements to remain on the fairgrounds. This includes animals in transit.
  • If all hogs meet show requirements, NBS® entries may be unloaded and non-entries may stay in your vehicle at the south end of the fairgrounds. There is some shade, but no utilities.
  • If non-show animals meet Minnesota import requirements, but not NBS® requirements, show animals may be unloaded and remaining animals must be immediately removed from the fairgrounds. A parking lot is available south of the fairgrounds across the street. The welfare and care of these animals is the owner’s responsibility. There is some shade, but no utilities.
  • If any animals in your vehicle do not meet Minnesota import requirements, all animals will be refused entry, including NBS® animals.
  • Please pen entries in your designated pens (boars receive individual pens).


  • A minimum of 60% of the number of each sex (boars and gilts) shown will be selected for the sale. These animals will be selected with no set number selling from any single class. Animals not selected for the sale can be consigned to the sale for an additional fee of $20 per head. If the animal sells, the fee will be applied toward the sale commission. If the animal does not sell, the fee is forfeited.
  • All animals selected and cataloged for the sale must go through the auction. Sale commission will be 15% for all animals. If an animal that is selected and cataloged for the sale does not go through the sale ring, the exhibitor will be banned from exhibiting at NSR events for one year and will be charged 15% of the average selling price of their respective breed sale. This amount must be paid before reinstatement will be allowed. The exception to this rule will be if the animal has become injured or ill, and the animal is inspected by a NSR staff member prior to the sale.
  • The NSR acts only as the agent between the buyer and seller. If proper payment is made by the buyer in a timely manner, the NSR will make settlement with the seller in approximately 30 days after the sale.
  • If an exhibitor has an account that is past due, funds from the sale of their animals will be applied to their NSR account.


Saturday, Sept. 7

7 a.m.:

Earliest entries can arrive

1 p.m.:

All junior market hogs and junior breeding gilts
must be on the grounds

11-2 p.m.:

Junior check-in/weigh-in

3 p.m.:

All junior market hogs and junior breeding gilts must be checked in and market hogs must be weighed

4 p.m.:

NBS® Junior Showmanship Contest

5:30 p.m.:

Junior exhibitor pizza party

Sunday, Sept. 8

8 a.m.:

Collegiate Meat Contest Awards Ceremony

8:30 a.m.:

Junior Classic Market Hog Show, immediately followed by Junior Classic Breeding Gilt Show

11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.:

Windsor Chop Dinner at the Plager Building


All open show breeding stock, truckloads and open market hog show entries must be on the grounds

1-2:30 p.m.:

Truckloads checked in and weighed

2:30-3:30 p.m.:

Individual open market hogs checked in and weighed

Monday, Sept. 9

8 a.m.:

Junior college and senior college livestock judging contest in Crane Pavilion. FFA and 4-H judging contest registration, followed by contest.

8 a.m.:

Check-in open show breeding stock entries



1 p.m.:

4-H and FFA judging awards and Market Hog Show.
Following Market Hog Show, Truckload Show, Hog College® Home Run Drive,presentation of special awards and judging contest results, in Crane Pavilion

Tuesday, Sept. 10

Breeding Stock Show Begins

7:30 a.m.:

North Ring: Berkshire, Chester White, Poland China, Hereford, Spot and crossbred gilts

7:30 a.m.:

South Ring: Yorkshire, Landrace, Duroc, Hampshire and crossbred boars - Two hours after the breeding stock show concludes, the breeding sale begins.


    1. Multiple animals may be listed on one original CVI. Two photocopies of the original CVI must be provided for each animal.
    1. Name and address of consignor; consigned to the NBS®, Mower County Fairgrounds, 700 12th Street SW, Austin, MN 55912.
    2. ALL SWINE being exhibited at the National Barrow Show MUST be officially identified with an official, federally approved ear tag. The animal’s ear tag ID must be listed on CVI. For more information on federally recognized ear tags, visit
    3. Each animal shall be individually identified by ear notch.
    4. Health status of animal, including dates of required tests and vaccinations must be listed.
    5. A premise ID number MUST be included on CVI.
    6. The cell phone number of your veterinarian who issued the CVI MUST be included on the CVI.
    7. ALL CVIs MUST CARRY THE FOLLOWING STATEMENTS – “Farm or origin of swine:
      1. Has not had pseudorabies or swine dysentery in the last 12 months
      2. Has not had any clinical signs or diagnosis of TGE, PEDv, SECD, or Seneca Valley Virus in the last 60 days
      3. Feeds no raw garbage and uses no PRV vaccine
      4. Is not under quarantine for any disease condition
      5. Has not had vesicular stomatitis diagnosed within 10 miles of farm or origin in the last 90 days
      1. PSEUDORABIES (PRV) TESTING: ALL BREEDING SHOW ANIMALS ENTERED IN THE NBS MUST be individually tested for PRV ON OR AFTER TUESDAY, AUGUST 13, 2019 UNLESS animals come from a PRV-qualified herd.
        1. All official identification of animal (sex, ear tag and ear notch) needs to be included on the pseudorabies test chart.
        2. Animals must test PRV-negative with all results on the dated CVI.
        3. The official PRV test chart must be provided along with your CVI.
        4. Either the ELISA (gB ELISA), ALA or S/N tests are acceptable. Differentiable ELISA (g1 ELISA) test will NOT be accepted. 
        5. If BREEDING SHOW ANIMALS come from a PRV qualified herd, individual testing of each animal is not required. In this case, the PRV qualification numbers must appear on the health certificate and the most recent quarterly herd test date (month, day and year) must be stated on health certificate.
      2. BRUCELLOSIS TESTING: ALL BREEDING ANIMALS ENTERED IN THE NBS MUST be individually tested for brucellosis on or after ON OR AFTER TUESDAY, AUGUST 13, 2019 UNLESS animals originate from a validated brucellosis free herd.
        1. Animals must test brucellosis negative with all results on the dated CVI.
        2. If the herd of origin is brucellosis validated, the validation numbers must appear on the CVI and the most recent quarterly herd test date (month, day and year) must be stated on the CVI.
      1. All breeding swine coming to the show MUST be vaccinated against leptospirosis (6-way) including bratislava and erysipelas.
        1. The complete date of vaccination MUST be listed on the health certificate. Market animals should not be vaccinated.
      2.  It is strongly recommended that breeding animals are vaccinated for swine influenza.
  • In some instances, these requirements are in addition to the state of Minnesota regulations. However, they are necessary in meeting other state requirements for purchasers of open show animals through sales as animals are reconsigned to new destinations.
  • Show Veterinarian Contact: Mark M. Engesser, DVM - Cell 507-438-3358, Office 507-437-3727  

*For the most up-to-date information on all NSR shows & events, please visit We look forward to seeing you in Austin.


Clay Zwilling
Chief Executive Officer, National Swine Registry

Dear NBS Junior Barrow Classic Participants:

It’s almost time for the NBS® Junior Classic held on Sept. 7-8, in Austin, Minnesota. In order to make the show run smoothly, we've included a few reminders.

  1. Registration will take place from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. on Saturday, September 7.
  2. All junior purebreds must have their registration papers present at check-in. Please bring a photocopy of your registration papers along with your originals to speed up check-in.
  3. Reminder – You must exhibit one purebred market hog for every crossbred market hog exhibited and one purebred breeding gilt for every crossbred breeding gilt exhibited.
  4. Junior entries may begin arriving at the Mower Co. Fairgrounds in Austin at 7 a.m. Saturday, September 7. All junior entries must be in place by 1 p.m.
  5. All junior market hogs and crossbred breeding gilts must be weighed by 3 p.m.
  6. All market hogs must weigh between 230-290 pounds. All market hogs must be born February 1, 2019, and after.
  7. All breeding gilts must be born January 15, 2019 or later.
  8. NOTE – All exhibitors must be PQA or YQCA certified and show proof of certification at check-in. If you are not certified, you will need to complete certification online prior to the show.  
  9. You must have a CVI with each hog individually listed. Please visit for a complete list of health rules and regulations that MUST be followed in order for your hogs to be exhibited in Austin.
  10. All purebred NSR breeds are to be guaranteed negative of the stress gene to be exhibited at a NSR or NJSA event. DNA samples will be collected on all NJSA breed show champions and reserve champions, as well as, champion and reserve champion Berkshires to determine compliance with NSR and ABA negative stress gene policy.
  11. Chesters are required to be stress negative. Berkshire barrows must have the negative stress status denoted on the pedigree. HAL-1843*nm must be printed below the pig’s name on the pedigree.
  12. All ABA, CPS, and NSR Breed Champions and Reserves will be DNA tested after the conclusion of the show.
  13. All participants are invited to the HORMEL PIZZA PARTY at the Plager Building on the fairgrounds on Saturday at 5:30 p.m. Free pizza for all exhibitors and their families. It’s an event you won’t want to miss!
  14. Showmanship will take place on Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m. Novice (8 years & under); Junior (9-12); Intermediate (13-16); and Senior (17-21). Ages are as of January 1, 2019. We will begin with novice, followed by junior, and intermediate ending with senior.
  15. The Junior Classic Market Show will begin at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, September 9 and will be followed by the Junior Classic Breeding Gilt Show.  
  16. This is a terminal show for all market hogs and they will sell to Hormel. There will be an affidavit form available at check-in for you to fill-out and turn in.
  17. Powdering, oiling or any dressing applied to hogs other than water will not be allowed. Exhibitors may be asked to take their animals to the wash racks by the show officials to remove this dressing. Show officials reserve the right to disqualify any animal from competition not meeting this requirement. Whole body clipping of market hogs is discouraged.
  18. Absolutely no clipping of hogs will be allowed on the show grounds.
  19. All exhibitors are invited to enter the judging contest at 8 a.m. Monday.
  20. By entering the National Barrow Show, show staff reserve the right to utilize any hog for the judging contest Monday.
  21. Exhibitors that are showing in both the junior and open market shows do NOT have to re-weigh on Sunday. Weights from the junior show recorded on Saturday will be used for the open show on Monday.

  On behalf of NJSA and Team Purebred, we are all looking forward to a great event in Austin. If you have any questions, please call NSR Director of Junior Shows, Ellen Knauth, at 765.429.7324 or Team Purebred Director of Junior Activities, Dakota Moyers, at 405.641.9042. The complete schedule and rules are online at or We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 National Barrow Show Junior Classic!


Ellen Knauth                                                                           Dakota Moyers
NSR Director of Junior Shows                                               Team Purebred Director of Junior Activities