Event Information

Last Name First Name State DB DG HB HG YB YG LB LG XB XG
Adams Ayden OH 1 1 1 1 1
Ash Ellie GA 1
Atley Bryan OH 2 2
Ayer Kirstin KY 2 1 1
Bachtell Courtney FL 1
Bagley Natalie FL 2 2
Barber Taylor GA 2
Barnes Mattison GA 2
Barney Nolan OH 1 1
Bartholomew Abigayle TN 1 2
Beery Gunner FL 1
Beery Rainey FL 1 1 1 1
Big Papa Showpigs   KS 2
Blake Dawson GA 1
Blake Lauren GA 1
Bland Brooklynn GA 1 1 1
Boblenz Genetics   OH 2 2
Boles Brantley GA 1 1
Boles Kaisley GA 1 1
Borer Ryan VA 1 1
Bradbury Byron IN 1 1
Bull Dalton OH 2 1
Bulloch Sasser GA 1
Butcher Austin IN 1 1 2
C & C Showpigs   FL         1          
Cain Earl IA 2 1
Carney Brady GA 1
Carr Ella FL 2
Carter Grayson & Peyton GA 1
Clary Jacob Aaron GA 2
Coates Mason FL 2
Collins Cabriana IN       1           1
Conner Aiden GA 1 2 1 2
Cook Family Livestock   IN 1
Coon Emily NY 1 1
Coon Robert NY 1
Coon IV Arvine NY 1 1
Cox Mackenzie NC 1 1
Cox Travis NC 1 1
Crandell Jessa FL 1 1
Crawford Jett FL 1 1 2
Crawford Phillip FL 1
Crowder Ashley, Garrett, Tyler IN       1            
Crummey Landin GA 1 2 1
Daniel Justin GA 1 1 1
Davis Bailey FL 1
Dewees Angel FL 1
Diamond Jacob PA 2
Dice Elizabeth PA 1 1
Dishman Maddy IN   1       1        
Dixon Blake IL 1
Downing Alexis OH 1 2
Drawdy Kayla FL 1 1
Drawdy Megan FL 1 1
DuPaul Erica FL 1
Durst Sam OH 1
Durst Samantha OH   1 1
Edenfield Cason GA 1
Fagin Lance IN 1 1
Fowler Hayden FL 1 1 1
Friddle Kasper IN 1
Furney Joshua GA 1
Gibbs Kole GA 1
Glover Taylor NC 1
Goff Bret IN 2 1 1 1
Graham Sierra FL 2 2
Harker Tyler IN 1 1
Hayes Miller GA 1
Hearn Kassidy DE 1
Henry Dilan PA 1
Henry Haylee Jo OH 1 1
Herr Carson IN 1 3
Herren Whitney AL 1 1 1 1
Hrutkay Kalvin PA 2 2
Hughes Ashlee FL 1 1 1
Hughes Christian FL 1
Huntsman Brooke OH 1 1 2
Jackson Clay VA 1
Jackson Emma VA 1 1
Jacobi Jace IN 1 1
Johnson Victoria OH 1 1
Keener Luke GA 1
Keese Jacob GA 1 1
Keese Makina GA 1 1
Kelley Kole GA 1 1
Kempiak Easton IL 1 1
Kempiak Tanner IL 1 2 1
Kendrick Colton MO 1 1
Key Kalin AR 1
Key Kendall AR 1
Kirkland Cason GA 1 1
Klingenberg Liza MI 3
Klingenberg Riley MI 1 2 1
Kuhlow Girls Showpigs   WI 1 2 2
LaMonte Mason FL 1
Lampp Chandler GA 1
Lampp Sarah GA 1 1
Lawson Kellen IN           1        
Leisure Kamryn KY 1 1
Leisure Karlee KY 1 1
LeViner Ashlyn FL 1 2
Logsdon Saulyer KY 1 1 1 2
Long Carlee MO 2
Long Mark OH 1 2
Long Marlena MO 1 2
Matthis Colbey NC 1 1 1 1
Mauck Chad IN 1 1
May Mack GA 1
May Maddy Grace GA 1
McGuire Show Team   IN 2 2
McKenzie Blake FL 1 2 1
McKenzie Carson FL 1
McKiernan Caitlin FL 1
Meadows Kylie AL 1 1
Meeker Durocs   IL 2 2
Mercer Lexus IN 3 1 1
Minyard Gracie GA 1
Mitchell Ginger GA 1 1
Mitchell JoeDan GA 1
Mollett Lane IL 1
Moon Isabella GA 1
Morris Matt IN         1       1  
Moulden Matthew VA 2 1 1
Mullen Coghlan NY 1
Muse Landon KY 1
Myers Emily IN 1
Nahunta Farm   NC   1 1              
Neal Amanda FL 1
Neff Patricia FL 1 1
Noblitt Breanna & Brooklyn IN   1   1           1
Noel Farms   AL 1 1
Oliver Paul GA 1 1
Olsen Cole MD 1 2
ONeal Whitley IN 2 2
Osborn Kole MI 1 1 1
Page Jessica GA 1 1
Parham Jake GA 1 1
Parker Brannon GA 1 1
Parrish Jade FL 1
Pendley Kaysen OK 1 1 1
Peters Trevor IN 1
Popejoy Steven IN 3
Prichard Lorelei GA 1 1 1
Prill Genetics   KS 2 2 2 2 2 2 1
Pullen Kyle & Lynsee IN 1
Putnak Eric PA 1 1 2
Raab Aidan IN 1 1
Raab Allie IN 1
RAR Genetics   IA 2 1
Reeves Mackenzie OH 1 2
Rice Audrey, Evan , Drew IN 2 3 1
Robinson Eddie MO 1
Robinson Katelyn MO 1 1
Robinson Lauren MO 1
Rodibaugh & Sons   AL 1
Rohls Sydney IN 1 1
Royal A J GA 1 2
Royal Annlyn GA 1
Royal Brooks GA 1 2 1
Royston Jeret GA 1
Russell Paisley OH 1 1
RW Genetics   TX 2                  
Salis TC FL 2 1
Satterfield Bobby OH 1 1
Schmidt Cody IN 1
Schuerman Taylor IN 2 2
Shaffer Goldrush   IN 1 1 2
Shaw Dylan KY 1 1
Shidler Christian IN 1
Sliger Baylee IN 1
Smith Ashlynn IN 2
Smith Joe GA 1 1
Southwell Hunter FL 1 1 1
Southwell Sydney FL 1
Speer Darren IN                 1  
Stahl Tessa PA 1 1
Steiner Anna IN 1
Stevens Haleigh FL 1
Stewarts Durocs   IA 1 1
Stickler Bryson IL 1 2 1 1
Stoelting Josh IN 1 1
Stoughton Allie OH 1
Strickland Kacie NC 2
Swope Savannah PA 1
Tankersley Travis GA           2     2  
Taylor Trinity IN 1 1 1
Taylor Made Genetics   IL 2 1
Toenyes Kayla IL 2 1
Tooley Lucas & Bronson OH 1
Tormoehlen Kyle IN 2 1 2
Trefz Destiny OH 1 1
Tuggle Wyatt GA 1 1
Tuley Luke IN 1 1 2
Waechter Tyler IN 1
Walker Tegan IN 1 1 1 1
Waller Macie FL 1 1
Waller Taylor FL 1 1
Warnimont Dakota OH 1 1
Webb Dylan FL 1
Wendt Ethan OH 1 2 1
West Bobbi Jo IN 1
Wiegand Ashley IL 2
Wiegand Peyton IL 1 1
Wilhelmy Aiden OH 1 1 1 1
Wilhelmy Olivia OH 1 1
Wilhelmy Sadie OH 1 1
Wilkes Bailey GA 1 1
Williams Mike FL 1 1 1
Williamson Andrew GA 1 1
Williamson David GA 1 1
Williamson Miles GA 1 1
Wilson Henry TN 2
Wischmeier Craig IN 1 1
Wooldridge-Jacobi Audrey IN 1 1
Wyckoff Spencer OH 2
Wynn Farms   OH 1

Please adhere to the following reminders regarding general show information, arrival at the fairgrounds, penning and health regulations.


If you have entries that will not be exhibited, please inform Whitney Hendricks as soon as possible. WhitneyH@nationalswine.com or 765.463.3594 ext. 112


  1. ALL animals entering the Georgia National Fairgrounds MUST be listed on an official, interstate health certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) issued by a licensed, accredited veterinarian.
    1. Loads containing swine that do not meet all health requirements will not be admitted to the Georgia National Fairgrounds.
    2. This includes animals being delivered that are not exhibited at the event.
  2. Please double check the CVI to make sure all information is accurate and all requirements are met. ALL CVIs (including Georgia exhibitors) MUST BE ISSUED ON OR AFTER DEC. 27, 2018.
    1. Keep in mind that NSR Winter Type Conference and NJSA Southeast Regional shows require additional health regulations (TESTING and STATEMENT regulations) compared to traditional winter shows in the state of Georgia.
    2. It is best to provide your veterinarian with a copy of NSR Winter Type Conference health requirements and check to ensure each requirement is included on the CVI.
    3. Exhibitors with CVI’s that do not meet all listed health requirements for animals entering fairgrounds will not be admitted to the show.
  3. ALL animals MUST be officially identified with a federally approved, permanently numbered ear tag.
    1. 840 USDA tags are preferred.
    2. For more information on federally approved ear tags, please visit http://www.nationalswine.com/shows/ear_tags.php.
  4. Please contact Whitney Hendricks (WhitneyH@nationalswine.com or 765.463.3594 ext. 112) with the ear notches and registration numbers of your purebred Winter Type Conference breeding show entries by Thursday, January 18th. 
    1. Purebred entries must be recorded by Tuesday, January 15th or rush fees will be applied (no exceptions).
    2. This information is used by NSR staff to create pen display cards for open show animals.
    3. Crossbred boar and gilt pen cards will be provided at check-in and may be filled out by exhibitors.
    4. Crossbred boar exhibitors MUST present a documented stress test result at check-in for crossbred boar entries. Stress test results are ONLY required for crossbred boars. For questions on obtaining a stress test for crossbred boars, please contact NSR DNA Secretary, Whitney Webb, Whitney@nationalswine.com.
    5. Crossbred gilts are not required to be stress tested for exhibition and sale.


  1. Please do not arrive before 8 a.m. on Wednesday, January 23rd. Follow the signs that direct trailers to the vet inspection line.
  2. Prior to unloading, state officials will inspect animals and only original health certificates.
    1. Please have all animals’ ORIGINAL health certificates ready for inspection upon arriving at vet check station.
    2. Copies of the approved originals will be accepted by the NSR after approval by state officials.
    3. Approved originals can be copied during check-in.
  3. Pens will be pre-assigned to all exhibitors of junior and open show animals.
    1. Please pen entries in your designated pens and be sure to pen two animals in each pen. (Boars will receive individual pens.)
    2. If your plans have changed and you are not bringing entries, please contact WhitneyH@nationalswine.com.
    3. Due to space limitations, tack pens will not be available.
    4. Pen dimensions are 6’ x 6’.


  1. Exhibitors are required to go through check-in during the posted times on show schedule.
    1. Exhibitors will submit CVIs to NSR staff and open show animals will be assigned a lot number.
  2. Please bring original CVI that has been approved by health officials to check-in.
    1. Copies of the original CVIs can be made in the check-in line.
    2. Exhibitors will need to submit two photocopies of approved, original CVI for each open show animal.
  3. Crossbred boar exhibitors must present a documented stress test result during check-in.
    1. Stress status of crossbred boars will be listed in the show and sale catalogs.
    2. For questions regarding obtaining a stress test on crossbred boars, please contact Whitney@nationalswine.com.
  4. All boars and gilts will be weighed on Friday, January 25th from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the lower barn.
    1. Please go through the check-in line and have your lot number prior to bringing animals to the scales.
    2. Purebred gilts that were weighed for the junior show are not required to re-weigh.
  5. If you are exhibiting a crossbred gilt in the junior AND open shows, the declared weight of your crossbred gilt used for the junior show will also be used for the open crossbred gilt show.
    1. For crossbred gilts ONLY being exhibited in the open show, please submit a provided weight card to show staff during open show check-in.
  6. All open show animals (boars and gilts) must be paint branded with provided paint brand numbers.
    1. Exhibitors will paint brand the corresponding lot number to each open show animal.
    2. Please paint dark colored animals (Durocs, Hampshires and dark crossbreds) with provided yellow paint. Please paint light colored animals (Landrace, Yorkshires and light crossbreds) with provided green paint.
    3. Junior participants exhibiting double-entered gilts (shown in both the junior and open shows) should wait until their gilts have been shown in the junior gilt show before painting.
    4. ALL open show animals must have legible paint numbers prior to the open show and sale for identification.
    5. Please return paint brand numbers to table outside open show office, once finished using them.


    1. All animals and CVI’s will be inspected by state officials prior to unloading.
    2. Multiple animals may be listed on the same original CVI.
    1. This includes ALL Georgia animals being exhibited in the NJSA Southeast Regional and Winter Type Conference.
    1. A permit number is required on each shipment of swine entering Georgia and MUST be recorded on the CVI.
    2. Only an accredited veterinarian may obtain this permit by accessing the following website: http://forms.agr.georgia.gov/SBPermits/Permits.aspx
    1. Exhibitor and Event Information:
      1. Name and address of exhibitor
      2. Consigned to Winter Type Conference/Southeast Regional, Georgia National Fairgrounds, 401 Larry Walker Pkwy., Perry, GA  31069-1367.
    2. Animal Identification:
      1. ALL animals MUST be officially identified with a federally approved, permanently numbered ear tag.
        1. “840” ear tags are preferred.
        2. For more information on federally approved ear tags, please visit http://www.nationalswine.com/shows/ear_tags.php.
      2. Ear notches and ear tag ID number of each animal MUST be listed on the CVI.
    3. ALL CVIs MUST CARRY THE FOLLOWING STATEMENTS – “Farm or origin of swine”:
      1. Has not had Pseudorabies or swine dysentery in the last 12 months
      2. Has not had any clinical signs or diagnosis of TGE or PEDv in the last 60 days
      3. Feeds no raw garbage and uses no PRV vaccine
      4. Is not under quarantine for any disease condition
      5. Has not had vesicular stomatitis diagnosed within 10 miles of farm or origin in the last 30 days
    4. Health status of animal, including dates of required tests and vaccinations MUST be listed.
    5. A premises ID number MUST be included on the CVI.
  5. REQUIRED TESTS: *Since the NJSA Southeast Regional and NSR Winter Type Conference are NOT considered 4H or FFA shows, ALL animals (including Georgia animals competing in the junior or open shows) MUST meet the below mentioned blood test requirements on or after Thursday, Dec. 27, 2018 unless you maintain a PRV qualified and Brucellosis validated herd.
      1. ALL ANIMALS MUST be individually tested for PRV on or after THURSDAY, DEC. 27, 2018 UNLESS animals come from a PRV-qualified herd.
      2. Swine tested must have all official identification (sex, ear tag and ear notch) along with date blood sample was drawn (month, day and year) listed on CVI.
      3. Animals must test PRV-negative with all results on the dated CVI.
      4. Either the ELISA (gB ELISA), ALA or S/N tests are acceptable. Differentiable ELISA (g1 ELISA) test will NOT be accepted. 
      5. If the herd of origin is PRV qualified, individual testing of each animal is not required. In this case, the PRV qualification number must appear on the CVI and the most recent quarterly herd test date (month, day and year) must be stated on the CVI.
      1. ALL ANIMALS MUST be individually tested for brucellosis on or after THURSDAY, DEC. 27, 2018 UNLESS animals originate from a validated brucellosis free herd.
        1. Swine tested must have all official identification (sex, ear tag and ear notch) along with date blood sample was drawn (month, day and year) listed on CVI.
        2. Animals must test brucellosis negative with all results on the dated CVI.
        3. The RAP, Standard Plate, Standard Tube or BAPA brucellosis tests are all accepted.
        4. If the herd of origin is brucellosis validated, individual testing of each animal is not required. In this case, the validation numbers must appear on the CVI and the most recent quarterly herd test date (month, day and year) must be stated on the CVI.
    1. ALL boars and gilts being exhibited in breeding classes MUST be vaccinated against Leptospirosis (6-way) including Bratislava and Erysipelas on or after THURSDAY, DEC. 27, 2018. The complete date of vaccination MUST be listed on the CVI. This is not a requirement for barrows.
    2. It is required that all animals are vaccinated against influenza.
    • Please review CVIs with your veterinarian and make sure all above requirements are met well in advance of the show in order to eliminate issues under short notice. Be advised that the regulations for the WTC/Southeast Regional shows are likely different than those of other participating winter jackpot or state sponsored shows.
    • Please list your veterinarian’s cell phone number on the CVI.
    • In some instances, these rules are in addition to Georgia regulations, but are necessary to sell animals into other states to meet interstate transport and entry requirements for swine.
    • For the most up-to-date health regulations for the WTC/Southeast Regional, be sure to visit www.nationalswine.com.
    • For a schedule of events, please visit nationalswine.com

Open Show Judges: 

Yorkshire, Landrace, & Duroc: James Backman, CA

Hampshire & Crossbreds: Seth Swenson, IL

Junior Show Judges: 

Barrows: James Backman, CA

Gilts: Kade Hummel, KS

Showmanship: Kane Austin, KY

If you have any questions, please reach out to Clay Zwilling at either 309-582-4808 or clay@nationalswine.com. We look forward to seeing you in Perry!


Clay Zwilling
Vice President of Operations, National Swine Registry