National junior Show


Dear National Junior Show Exhibitors,

The 2020 National Junior Show will be held July 6-11 in Des Moines, Iowa, at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. To make this event run smoothly, we have included a few reminders.


  • Exhibitors who know what they are bringing to the show can pre check-in June 29-30 here:
  • After completed, you will be able to skip the check-in line on Monday! Just come to the pre check-in table to turn in a stamped copy of your CVI and pick up your exhibitor number and weigh cards for barrows and crossbred gilts. You will also be given your exhibitor bag and t-shirt at this time!
  • Hereford and Tamworth exhibitors will be required to turn in a copy of animal pedigree at the pre check-in table.

Before You Leave Home

  • Be sure to have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) (Health Papers) for all animals coming to the National Junior Show. Work with your veterinarian to make certain the CVI is filled out completely and accurately and meets all requirements for the National Junior Show health regulations.
  • Make sure animals meet updated PRV and Brucellosis requirements. Be sure to have the official PRV test chart results for all animals coming to the National Junior Show. These tests must be completed after June 15, 2020. CVIs must be issued after Monday June 29, 2020. 
  • Make sure all animals are identified with an official ear tag. Ear tags must be in the animal’s ear and tag numbers should be listed on the health certificate to identify each animal.
  • Ear notches must also be listed on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) for each animal.
  • Make sure all purebred animals meet breed eligibility requirements for their respective breeds. For more information on breed eligibility requirements; visit, and
  • Be sure to bring pedigrees for all purebred animals. Please review pedigrees to make sure they accurately meet all required information (exhibitor name, ear notch, sex, date of birth, transfer of ownership).
  • Due to space limitations, exhibitors within the same family are required to pen two pigs per pen. Please bring pen dividers, if needed, as they will not be provided.

General Information

  1. Due to space limitations, we will be assigning pens as exhibitors arrive based on the number of pigs each family brought to the show. It will be mandatory that exhibitors within the same family pen two pigs per pen (excluding boars)! Pen dividers will not be provided by show staff. Be sure to bring your own, if needed.
  2. If you have entries that are entered in both the Junior Show and the NSR Open Show, please email Whitney Hendricks  at with your ear notches by June 30.
  3. If you have entries that are entered in both the Junior Show and the ABA or CPS Open Show, please email Berkshire information to and CPS information to by June 30.
  4. The National Junior Show is open to all Team Purebred and NJSA members, ages 21 and under, as of January 1st, 2020. Divisions include Novice (8 & under), Junior (9-12), Intermediate (13-16) and Senior (17-21).

Team Purebred Contest Information

  1. All participants must be members of NJSA or Team Purebred.
  2. The Team Purebred Virtual Swine Issues contest will be held the week of June 22. No in-person Swine Issues will be offered. The Swine Issues contest is a requirement for the Senior Division for sweepstakes.
  • The NJSA and Team Purebred will be hosting a virtual livestock judging contest that will be open from Monday, June 29th through Friday, July 3rd for all age divisions. to access the contest visit and sign up for a free account on the contest page.
  1. The Team Purebred In-Person Skillathon contest will be held in the cattle barn on Tuesday, July 7. It will be open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Bring your own writing utensil and leave your phone with a parent. PHONES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE TESTING AREA. Moderators will be available to read to the Novice and Junior Contestants if needed. The folders and all surfaces in the testing area will be sanitized in between contestants.
  2. The Team Purebred Photography Contest will be held virtually. Entries are due Wednesday, July 1 to: Limit: two entries per contestant. Photos that place in their respective divisions will be displayed throughout the week at the National Junior Show.
  3. The Team Purebred Costume Contest will also be held virtually. Please send your entries to by Wednesday, July 1. Entries will be posted on the Team Purebred Facebook page, and will be judged by crowd vote. The top three contestants will receive recognition, and prizes at the awards ceremony on Wednesday, July 8. Voting Closes on Tuesday, July 7 at 9 p.m. CST. The theme is Welcome to the Jungle! We can’t wait to see your entries!
  4. The Team Purebred Pen Decorating Contest will be judged Wednesday Morning at 8 a.m. Inform the Team Purebred staff of your entries on Tuesday. Top three contestants will receive recognition and prizes at the awards ceremony on Wednesday night.

NJSA Contest Information

  1. All participants must be members of NJSA or Team Purebred.
  2. Contests that count towards the NJSA summer sweepstakes competition outside of showmanship will be conducted virtually the week prior to the National Junior Show.
  3. The NJSA virtual skill-a-thon will be open on Monday, June 29th and close Tuesday, June 30th at midnight EST for all age divisions. The skillathon links can be accessed by visiting MUST compete in this contest to qualify for the NJSA Summer Sweepstakes.
  4. The NJSA and Team Purebred will be hosting a virtual livestock judging contest that will be open from Monday, June 29th through Friday, July 3rd for all age divisions. to access the contest visit and sign up for a free account on the contest page. You MUST compete in this contest to qualify for the NJSA Summer Sweepstakes.
  5. Bred & Owned points earned at the National Junior Show will count for both the 2019-2020 premier breeder contest as well as the 2020-2021 premier breeder contest. Following the show, the top five 2019-2020-point winners for each breed and for the overall premier breeder will be contacted and asked to the fill out a premier breeder application. To optimize social distancing, this application will take the place of the traditional live interview and be judged by a committee selected by NSR staff. Final scores will be calculated with 70% of the final score being the point total from the Bred & Owned division and 30% of the final score being from the application.
  6. The NJSA awards ceremony will be hosted virtually on Facebook Live at 8:00 a.m. on Friday.

Arrival, Unloading and Loadout Information

  1. Trailers may begin arriving (not unloading) at the fairgrounds after 4 a.m. on Monday, July 6. Vet check and unloading will begin by 6 a.m.
  3. All junior entries must be in place by 8 p.m. on Monday, July 6.
  4. Trailers arriving on Monday, July 6 will be required to enter through Gate 2, off University Avenue.
  5. Trailers will be staged in a holding area during vet check and pen assignments.
  6. Upon arrival, all animals and CVIs will be inspected. Please have original CVIs ready upon arrival.
  7. Pens will be assigned during vet check-in.
  8. All junior gilts and barrows will be released once they have been exhibited.

Registration and Check-in Information

  1. Registration will take place from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. on Monday, July 6.
  2. Each exhibitor must have their registration papers (1 copy) and health papers (1 copy) Please bring a photocopy of the registration papers along with the originals to speed up the registration process. Please DO NOT make extra copies of your health papers until check-in because we will have to have a copy of the health paper that the veterinarian signed upon arrival to the show.
  3. You MUST declare your gilt as Bred & Owned, if it is eligible, at registration.  After registration closes, no changes in Bred & Owned entries will be accepted.
  4. Exhibitors and their immediate family will receive admittance wristbands at registration on Monday. All wristbands are free. Show exhibitors and attendees will receive wristbands once they sign a show liability waiver.
  5. Substitutions will be allowed at the show until registration is over but are not to exceed the number of originally entered hogs.
  6. All barrows and crossbred breeding gilts will be shown by declared weight. Exhibitors will receive a weight card at registration to complete with their hog’s weight and information. Crossbred gilt and crossbred barrow weigh cards are due at 8 p.m. on Monday, July 6. Purebred barrow weigh cards are due at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, July 7. Exhibitors are NOT permitted to bring their own scales into the barn.  Practice scales will be available at the show.
  7. All purebred breeding gilts will be shown by birthdate.
  8. All exhibitors ages 8-21 MUST be YQCA or PQA Plus certified. 
  9. Parents of youth ages 7 years old and under must be certified in Adult PQA Plus training. This training is only offered online if you are already certified and need to renew your certification. If you have never been certified, please use the following link to locate a trainer in your area at:
  11. Youth PQA Plus training is available to be completed online at:


Show Information

  • All participants are required view the virtual exhibitor meeting via, or association social media.
  • Showmanship will be held on Tuesday, July 7, at 9 a.m. Novice showmanship will be in Ring D; Junior showmanship will be in Ring C; Intermediate showmanship will be in the Tarzan Ring (B); Senior showmanship will be in the Amazon Ring (A).
  • At the conclusion of showmanship division, a Champion Overall showman will be selected in Ring D.
  • The Crossbred Barrow Show will begin in the Amazon and Tarzan Rings immediately following the selection of the Champion Overall showman. Barrows will have a 15 lb. weigh-back.
  • The Crossbred Breeding Gilt Show will take place in both Ring C and Ring D immediately following the selection of the Champion Crossbred Barrow. Crossbred breeding gilts will have a 15 lb. weigh-back.
  • The Purebred Barrow Show will begin at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, July 8.  Barrows will have a 15 lb. weigh-back.
  • The Purebred Gilt Show will begin at 8 a.m. on Thursday, July 9.

On behalf of NJSA and Team Purebred, we are all looking forward to a great event in Des Moines. If you have any questions, please call Nicole Hall or Brynn Roy, NJSA, at 765-463-3594 or Kristi Smith, Team Purebred, at 309-645-7885. The complete schedule and rules are online at or We look forward to seeing you at the 2020 National Junior Show.


Ellen Knauth                                                                Kristi Smith
V.P. of Operation, NSR                                                Team Purebred Director of Junior Activities                                   

EXH # Last First City State
1800 Abbas Jacob Aplington IA
1801 Abreu Lucia Rutherford CA
1802 Adam Brayde Lathrop MO
1803 Adams Ayden Milford Center OH
1804 Adams Tyler Clarksburg OH
1805 Albritioin Mallory Grimes IA
1806 Alexander Tobi Kendalia TX
1807 Alfs Adam Shickley NE
1808 Alfs John Shickley NE
1809 Alfs Regan Shickley NE
1810 Allison Liggett Walton IN
1811 Amos Hadley Arlington IN
1812 Anderson Asa Chipley FL
1813 Anderson Ashlee Turlock CA
1814 Anderson Eliannah Chipley FL
1815 Anderson Mikayla Turlock CA
1816 Ankney Cadence Trafalgar IN
1817 Armstrong Levi Huntsville IL
1818 Armstrong Mitch Huntsville IL
1819 Armstrong Taylor Huntsville IL
1820 Arnold Garrett Webster City IA
1821 Arnold Hailey South Whitley IN
1822 Arnold Katelynn Andrews IN
1823 Ashley Tanner Valrico FL
1824 Atkinson Spencer Huntington IN
1825 Avery Colby Burns WY
1826 Bachmeier Brekken Granville ND
1827 Bachmeier Rylan Granville ND
1828 Bachmeier Sophie Granville ND
1829 Backman Jacee Denair CA
1830 Backman Kade Denair CA
1831 Baetz Courtney Downs KS
1832 Baetz Taylor Downs KS
1833 Bailey Audrie Bartow FL
1834 Bailey Bostyn Towner ND
1835 Bailey Braden Towner ND
1836 Baker Elizabeth Jonesboro IN
1837 Baker Kayla Clayton IN
1838 Bakker Caeden Dike IA
1839 Bakker Cooper Dike IA
1840 Bakker Olivia Dike IA
1841 Baldwin Ethan Union City IN
1842 balfanz brannt Waterford WI
1843 Bangert Boston Fort lupton CO
1844 Bangert Caden Ft lupton CO
1845 Bangert Caleb Fort lupton CO
1846 Barber Jake Brinson GA
1847 Barber Taylor Brinson GA
1848 Barker Kayla Edison OH
1849 Barnett Kendall Crawfordsville IN
1850 Barnett Laine Crawfordsville IN
1851 Barr Landon Middletown IN
1852 Barr Tyler Middletown IN
1853 Barrilleaux Brandelyn Abilene TX
1854 Barrilleaux Bristyn Abilene TX
1855 Bartoe Colton Ashville OH
1856 Bartoe Kylee Ashville OH
1857 Bartz Dalton and Skylar Murrayville IL
1858 Batman Mallory Bethany IL
1859 Beaman Ethan Twelve Mile IN
1860 Beaman Haley Twelve Mile IN
1861 Beaty Abby Northwood IA
1862 Beaty Alex Northwood IA
1863 Beck Breya Waynoka OK
1864 Beck Elsie Allerton IL
1865 Beck Faith Allerton IL
1866 Beck Hannah Allerton IL
1867 Beck Laura Allerton IL
1868 Beck Lily Clayton IN
1869 Beck Willow Clayton IN
1870 Beckett Sarah Levering MI
1871 Bedeker Bryce Verona IL
1873 Behrends Autumn Clifton IL
1874 Behrends Dallas Clifton IL
1875 Belknap Scarlett Mediapolis IA
1876 Belknap Stella Mediapolis IA
1877 Bennett Layla Linden IN
1878 Bennington Kayla Monticello IN
1879 Beyers Brooke Sibley IL
1880 Beyers Lane Sibley IL
1881 Birch Luke Solsberry IN
1882 Bird Kyle Princeville IL
1883 Bittner Jennifer Hamilton OH
1884 Black Jaron Grand Ridge IL
1885 Black Jorrick Grand Ridge IL
1886 Black Kieran Grand Ridge IL
1887 Black Molly Circleville OH
1888 Blaydes Drake Crawfordsville IN
1889 Blaydes Drew Crawfordsville IN
1890 Bobell Claire Lincoln IL
1891 Bobell Ella Lincoln IL
1892 Boden Chet Clear Brook VA
1893 Boehm Jennifer Johnstown OH
1894 Boeskool Joelle Hamilton MI
1895 Boeskool Mason Hamilton MI
1896 Boeskool Travis Hamilton MI
1898 Bogeman Megan Saint Paul IN
1899 Bok Grace Hicksville OH
1900 Bolay Harlee Perry OK
1901 Bollin Clayton Bowen IL
1902 Bollin Logan Bowen IL
1903 Borer Ryan Buchanan VA
1904 Bourquin Kiersten Lubbock TX
1905 Bowen Chase Hamilton MO
1906 Bowers Brayden Belmont WI
1907 Bowling Macy Greencastle IN
1908 Bowling Raegan Greencastle IN
1909 Boyer Devin Royston GA
1910 Boyer Owen Cantrall IL
1911 Boyer Wyatt Cantrall IL
1912 Brack Hayden Gramercy LA
1913 Bradford Hattie Gallatin MO
1914 Branderhorst Gavin Prairie City IA
1915 Branneman Ella New Paris IN
1916 Branneman Trey New Paris IN
1917 Brassard Brady Milford IL
1918 Brassard Caiden Milford IL
1919 Brewer Keegan Sweet Springs MO
1920 Brewer Kendall Sweet Springs MO
1921 Brink Callie Mae Riverside IA
1922 Brooks Luke Stillwater OK
1923 Brown Connor Lamar MO
1924 Brown Emery Frankfort IN
1925 brown garrett Vian OK
1926 Brown Gracelynn Dexter IA
1927 Brown Hudson Frankfort IN
1928 Brown Kylee Dexter IA
1929 Brown Nevaeh Dexter IA
1930 Brunk Allison Germantown OH
1931 Bruno Alexander Springfeild IL
1932 Bruns Keaton Montgomery City MO
1933 Brunton Brystol North English IA
1934 Bulloch Sasser Pelham GA
1935 Bunt Bradshaw Ringwood OK
1936 Bunt Brigham Ringwood OK
1937 Bunting Bailey Gibson City IL
1938 Burbrink Ellie Columbus IN
1939 Burbrink Grace Columbus IN
1940 Burbrink Jacob Columbus IN
1941 Burbrink Josie Columbus IN
1942 Burris Carson Darlington IN
1943 Burton Mackenzee Valley Mills TX
1944 Bussing Brooklee Carbon IN
1945 Butcher Kolby Flora IN
1946 Butcher Morgan Flora IN
1947 Butt Ava Cory IN
1948 Buttles Jim Wilson WI
1949 Butts Emersen Evansville WI
1950 Butts Kaden Evansville WI
1951 Caenen Ali Tonganoxie KS
1952 Caenen Mary Tonganoxie KS
1953 Cain Aaron Chariton IA
1954 Cain Austin Chariton IA
1955 Cain Dylan Chariton IA
1956 Cain Sydney Chariton IA
1957 Campfield Rowdy Runnells IA
1958 Cantrell Cassandra Baldwin GA
1959 Carity Cole Minster OH
1960 Carity Ruth Ann Minster OH
1961 Carney Brady Calhoun GA
1962 Carr Landin Orient OH
1963 Carr Rachel Belzoni MS
1964 Carter Alyssa Oregonia OH
1965 Cassidy Olivia Waldron IN
1966 Challender Emma Corunna MI
1967 Chandler Paisley Iredell TX
1968 Christy Brylee Marshall MO
1969 Christy Greyson Marshall MO
1970 Clamme John Upland IN
1971 Clamme Kelsey Upland IN
1973 Clapp Abby Le Roy IL
1974 Clapp Brian Le Roy IL
1975 Clark Celsey Bluffton IN
1976 Cline Kayly Lewisville IN
1977 Clouser Emma Westpoint IN
1978 Clouser Peyton Westpoint IN
1979 Cobb Jagger Lake City AR
1980 Col Josh Merced CA
1981 Col Sami Merced CA
1982 Collard Wyatt Oronogo MO
1983 Collings Trenton Crothersville IN
1984 Collins Blaine West Terre Haute IN
1985 Conley Lainee Chula GA
1986 Connolly Joel Bernard IA
1987 Connolly Lauren Bernard IA
1988 Connolly Lena Bernard IA
1989 Cook Miles Abilene TX
1990 Cooley Elliott Windsor MO
1991 Cooley Elyse Windsor MO
1992 Cooper Colton Sheridan IN
1993 Cope Brant Martinsburg MO
1994 Cope Pacey Martinsburg MO
1995 Cope Tayler Martinsburg MO
1996 Copenhaver Wyatt Lexington MO
1997 Corbin Hadley Hamilton MO
1998 Cox Jaycee Spiro OK
1999 Cpenhaver Clara Lexington MO
2100 Cragen Chloe Martinsville IN
2101 Cragen Emery Martinsville IN
2102 Cragen Kendall Martinsville IN
2103 Crandell Jessa Dade City FL
2104 Crawford Kynli Hugoton KS
2105 Crawford Kynna Hugoton KS
2106 Crome Megan Marshall IL
2107 Cross Kaila Poynette WI
2108 Crouch Kolton Tipton IN
2109 Crouch Morgan Maroa IL
2110 Crowder Ashley Attica IN
2111 Crowder Garrett Attica IN
2112 Crowder Tyler Attica IN
2113 Crum Katelyn Frankton IN
2114 Culp Hannah Hudson CO
2115 Curless Adalynn Martinsville IN
2116 Curry Grace Denair CA
2117 Curry Lance Denair CA
2118 Curry Mason Denair CA
2119 Curtis Maximus Fremont WI
2120 Daniel Madison Morgantown IN
2121 Daniels III Richard Zephyrhills FL
2122 Dannenberg Hailee Newark IL
2123 Dannenberg Robert Newark IL
2124 Darner Natalie Hamilton OH
2125 Daulton Carson Springfield OH
2126 Daulton Reagan Springfield OH
2127 Day Brooklyn Atlanta IN
2128 Day Harper Atlanta IN
2129 Day Kate Ambrose GA
2130 Day Paige Orlando OK
2131 Deason Charles Texline TX
2132 Deason Courtney Texline TX
2133 Deason Dana Texline TX
2134 Deason Jaycie Sedan NM
2135 DeBusk Wyatt Paso Robles CA
2136 DeLoye Edward Fort Loramie OH
2137 Deno Coy Darlington IN
2138 DeOrnellas Kempton Paxton IL
2139 DeOrnellas Maddison Paxton IL
2140 Deppe Nick Maquoketa IA
2141 DeRouchey Jacob Wamego KS
2142 DeRouchey James Wamego KS
2143 DeRouchey Jenna Wamego KS
2144 DeVries Kennedy Red Oak IA
2145 Dickinson Aubrey Gentry AR
2146 Dickinson Dax Gentry AR
2148 Diercks Jenna Grand Mound IA
2149 Dilg Alaina Pleasant Prairie WI
2150 Dilg Kendra Pleasant Prairie WI
2152 Dingman Tyler Greenfield IN
2153 Dishman Maddy Spiceland IN
2154 Dishman Vade Straughn IN
2155 Divis Eliza Mead NE
2156 Dobbels Joshua Cambridge IL
2157 Doherty Isabelle Johnson Creek WI
2158 Domonoske Connor Waterville MN
2159 Domonoske Desirae Waterville MN
2160 Dore Lindsey Galena OH
2161 Doubet Chesney Sterling CO
2162 Dowdle Kelsey Leedey OK
2163 Dowdle Kelton Leedey OK
2164 Down Gavin Herscher IL
2165 Downing Alexis Mt sterling OH
2166 Downing Emma Mt sterling OH
2167 Drawdy Kayla Fort Pierce FL
2168 Drawdy Megan Fort Pierce FL
2169 Dreher Carly Iola KS
2170 Druckenmiller Brystol Lucas IA
2171 Dryer Brenna Carlock IL
2172 Dudley Gertie New Braunfels TX
2173 Dudley Helen New Braunfels TX
2175 Dudley Joaquin New Braunfels TX
2176 Durst Samantha Sidney OH
2177 DuSablon Cole Montrose IL
2178 Dwyer Cashlin Morriston FL
2179 Earnhart James Albion IN
2180 Earnhart Max Albion IN
2181 Eckhoff Avery Manhattan KS
2182 Eckhoff Dalyn Manhattan KS
2183 Edie Kipton Lebanon IN
2184 Edwards Jack Colfax WI
2185 Edwards Nic Huxley IA
2186 Egger Keirstyn Guthrie Center IA
2187 Egger Lane Columbus NE
2188 Eisenbraun Spencer Paynesville MN
2189 Elchinger Landon Deshler OH
2190 Elchinger Mason Deshler OH
2191 Elchinger Parker Malinta OH
2192 Elliot Katelyn Brighton CO
2193 Ellis Jacob Jonesboro IL
2194 Ellis Julia Jonesboro IL
2195 Ellison Tanner Baring MO
2196 Elsner Erin Medford WI
2197 Emenhiser Jake Woodburn IN
2198 Emenhiser Kreigh Woodburn IN
2199 Engelmann Brier Trenton IL
2200 Englert Hayden Washington KS
2201 Entwistle Kaden Sherman IL
2202 Ernst Aaron Corunna MI
2203 Evans Paisley Jamestown OH
2204 Everhart Brody Middletown IN
2205 Everhart Hayden Middletown IN
2206 Everhart Vivian Middletown IN
2207 Exum Matthew Paragould AR
2208 Exum Wil Paragould AR
2209 Fargo Kauy Barneveld WI
2210 Farnham Zach Paris IL
2211 Fawley Hailey Merrill WI
2212 Feldman Logan Ionia IA
2213 Ferguson Mickinzi Walkersville MD
2214 Ferrell Amber Columbia City IN
2215 Ferrell Matthew Quitman GA
2216 Fidler Baylee Terre Haute IN
2217 Fidler Morgan Terre Haute IN
2218 Finnegan Caleb Guthrie Center IA
2219 Fischer Cael Coldwater MI
2220 Fleming Mason Avalon WI
2221 Fleming Owen Avalon WI
2222 fletcher Drake athens IL
2223 Flood Penny Montrose IL
2224 Flowers Maci Meeker OK
2225 Foglesong Katelyn Afton IA
2226 Foland Brysen Crawfordsville IN
2227 Foley Carson Marshall IL
2228 Foor Addie Pataskala OH
2229 Ford Peighton West Chester IA
2230 Ford Preston West Chester IA
2231 Foret Alex Gramercy LA
2232 Foster Madisson Millers MD
2233 Fox Alex Michigantown IN
2234 Fox Hayden Kanawha IA
2235 Fox Sam Michigantown IN
2236 Freking Kade Jackson MN
2237 Freyermuth Mia Illinois City IL
2238 Friestad Jorgen Newark IL
2239 Friestad Weston Newark IL
2240 Frink Lauren Eaton CO
2241 Fruge Ryan Lincoln IL
2242 Fugate Maddie Mahomet IL
2243 Fullerton Jakob Frostburg MD
2244 Fullerton Malea Frostburg MD
2245 Funkhouser Alexis Wingate IN
2246 Funkhouser Braxton Wingate IN
2247 Funkhouser Elliot Wingate IN
2248 Galbreath Lindsey Enderlin ND
2249 Galley Ciana Apple Valley CA
2250 Garren Meghan Penn Valley CA
2251 Garver Ethan Lima OH
2252 Gates Blake Cairo MO
2253 Gates Taylor Fort Pierce FL
2254 George Tate Mulberry IN
2255 Gerdes Jaren West Point IA
2256 Gibson Reagan Panora IA
2257 Gibson Riley Panora IA
2258 Glaser Grace Griffin IN
2259 Gleason Sam Maple Hill KS
2260 Glunt Jacob Sheridan IN
2261 Glunt Landon Sheridan IN
2262 Goodall Peyton Leedey OK
2263 Goodson Gracie Greenville IL
2264 Goodson Maggie Greenville IL
2265 Goss Ty Leedey OK
2266 Grady Calvin Gallatin MO
2267 Graham Sierra Lake City FL
2268 Graver Gabby Brighton CO
2269 Green Aubrey Charlottesville IN
2270 Green Beau Arthur IL
2271 Green Jace Arthur IL
2272 Green Makenna Arthur IL
2273 Greene Gracie Hope IN
2274 Greene Laynie Hope IN
2275 Greenwald Dylan Bloomington IN
2276 Greenwalt Hunter Johnsonville IL
2277 Greil Evan Hortonville WI
2278 Greiner Cara Connersville IN
2279 Grimes Rachel Archie MO
2280 Grinstead Sam Lebanon IN
2281 Grobosky Lily Kay Alexis IL
2282 Gross Trent Paris IL
2283 Gruber Kristin Woodbine MD
2284 Gullquist Clayton Chebanse IL
2285 Gullquist Payton Chebanse IL
2286 Guyer Ashtin Robinson IL
2287 Guyer Nalaney Robinson IL
2288 Gwartney Jadyn Adair OK
2289 Haag Emma Oregon WI
2290 Haley Brooks Maysville AR
2291 Haley Garrett Maysville AR
2292 Hamilton Brady Chariton IA
2293 Handrich Trevor Weyauwega WI
2294 Hannan Bryn Fremont NE
2295 Hannan Miles Fremont NE
2296 Hansen Hudson Turton SD
2297 Hardin Adelyn Orion IL
2298 Hardin Brayden Orion IL
2299 Hardin Rylie Denton TX
2300 Hargrave Alice Wayland NY
2301 Hargrave Gwen Wayland NY
2302 Harken Mitchell Pleasantville IA
2303 Harold Emily West Branch IA
2304 Harold Kyle West Branch IA
2306 Harre Lainey Gilman IA
2307 Harrelson Keely Springdale AR
2308 Harrelson Taleah Springdale AR
2309 Harris Holly Norwalk WI
2310 Harris Kassie Norwalk WI
2311 Hart Audra Pikeville TN
2312 Harvey Ashtyn Straughn IN
2313 Harvey Auburn Straughn IN
2314 Harvey Brandt Brookville IN
2315 Harvey Holden Brookville IN
2316 Harvey Taryn Brookville IN
2317 Hasselbring Sara Greensburg IN
2318 Hatcher Memree Blue Ridge TX
2319 Hatcher Shyla Blue Ridge TX
2320 Haverback Nicole Atkinson IL
2322 Hawk Alice Muncie IN
2323 Hawk Tyler Muncie IN
2324 Hayden Noah Lowell IN
2325 Hayden Riley Lowell IN
2326 Hege Hallie Rensselaer IN
2327 Hege Owen Rensselaer IN
2328 Heikes Kate Olathe KS
2329 Heikes Kinley Olathe KS
2330 Heimer Harper Taylor MO
2331 Heimer Max Taylor MO
2332 Heinen Will Welsh LA
2333 Heins AJ New Salem ND
2334 Heins Clayton New Salem ND
2335 Hemphill Emily Berlin Center OH
2336 Henderson Carly Wellsville MO
2337 Hendrickson Hadley Farmland IN
2338 Hendrickson Hogan Farmland IN
2339 Hendron Alicia Somonauk IL
2340 Henke Addy Princeton MO
2341 Henke Eli Princeton MO
2342 Heyerly May Decatur IN
2343 Hick Hayley Adel IA
2344 Hick Levi Adel IA
2345 Hickey Cooper Green Cove Springs FL
2346 Higbie Anah Quenemo KS
2347 Higbie Calla Quenemo KS
2348 Higbie Elim Quenemo KS
2349 Higbie Lane Quenemo KS
2350 Hildreth Jamie Jewell IA
2351 Hildreth Kelsey Jewell IA
2352 Hillegass Evan Berlin PA
2353 Hines Cailyn Quincy MI
2354 Hines Payton Quincy MI
2355 Hoblyn Jami York NE
2356 Hodnett Rose Wadley AL
2357 Hodupp Mackenzie Kokomo IN
2358 Hoge Nolan Good Hope IL
2359 Honeycutt Cash Richmond MO
2360 Honeycutt Coy Richmond MO
2361 Hood Lindsey Greencastle IN
2362 Hoppa Ashlyn Fremont MI
2363 Hoppa Makenna Fremont MI
2364 Hoppa Taryn Fremont MI
2365 Hornback AJ Monrovia IN
2366 Horton Addison Farmersville TX
2367 Horwath Mari Gonzales CA
2368 Hottensmith soren Kent OH
2369 Hough Colby Mount Airy MD
2370 Howard Holly fort wayne IN
2371 Hrutkay Kalvin Bentleyville PA
2372 Huguet Kamryn Gramercy LA
2373 Humphrey Ava Lima OH
2374 Humphries Violet Woodward OK
2375 Humphries Vivienne Woodward OK
2376 Huseman Hadley Ellsworth KS
2377 Huseman Paxton Ellsworth KS
2378 Iberg Cody Highland IL
2379 Igo Ashlyn Marshall MO
2380 Igo Cole Marshall MO
2381 Imler Lyvia Satanta KS
2382 Imler Quaid Satanta KS
2383 Irick Bailey Markle IN
2384 Isaacs Remington Chillicothe MO
2385 Isaacs Riggin Chillicothe MO
2386 Ivey Zander Bloomingburg OH
2387 Jackman Courtney Milroy IN
2388 Jackman Crosby Milroy IN
2389 Jackson Leremy Unionville IA
2390 Jackson Lilly Danville IN
2391 Jackson Lucy Danville IN
2392 Jacobsen Abigail Shelby IA
2393 Jacobson Drew Osceola IA
2394 Jacobson Macy Osceola IA
2395 Janssen Sam Wellsburg IA
2396 Janssen Tommy Wellsburg IA
2397 Jaworski Austin Dundee MI
2398 Jeffiers Courtney Taylorsville KY
2399 Jervis Gadson Blanchard OK
2400 Jipping Brayden Hamilton MI
2401 Jipping Bryant Hamilton MI
2402 Jipping Bryce Hamilton MI
2403 John Ethan Dade City FL
2404 Johnson Allie Woodland AL
2405 Johnson Ansleigh Jasper GA
2406 Johnson Ashtyn Sweet Springs MO
2407 Johnson Braelyn Sweet Sorings MO
2408 Johnson Dalyn Sweet Springs MO
2409 Johnson Garett Rockwell IA
2410 Johnson Jada Poneto IN
2411 Johnson Kinsley Edina MO
2412 Johnson Luke Wilmington OH
2413 Johnson Nathan Jasper GA
2414 Johnston Savannah Troy TX
2415 Jones Brody Warren IN
2416 Jones Madison Bonaire GA
2417 Jones Tucker Warren IN
2418 Joyce Hayden Charlottesville IN
2419 Judd Kiersten Markleville IN
2420 Kahler Ashley Cambridge IA
2421 Kaysen Landry Saint Charles IA
2422 Kaysen McKinley Saint Charles IA
2423 Keener Kendra Creston OH
2424 Keeney Eryka Alexis IL
2425 Keeter Ashton Paris IL
2426 Kelley Kole Toccoa GA
2427 Kempiak Easton Newark IL
2428 Kempiak Tanner Newark IL
2429 Kendrick Chase Mexico MO
2430 Kendrick Colbe Mexico MO
2431 Kendrick Colton Mexico MO
2432 Kennedy Blake Grass Valley CA
2433 Kenzie Osborn Lafayette IN
2434 Kephart Caden Pleasureville KY
2435 Kerkaert Aubrey Pipestone MN
2436 Key Kalin El Dorado AR
2437 Key Kendall El Dorado AR
2438 Kidd Khloe Kewanee IL
2439 Kiefer Emmy Brighton CO
2440 Killion Ashlyn Clay City IN
2441 Kilmer Karson Monticello IN
2442 Kilmer Kolton Monticello IN
2443 Kim Ty Hartwell GA
2444 Kimble Kassidy Buckhannon WV
2445 Kimmel Morgan Marion Center PA
2446 Kinard Luke Lakeland FL
2447 King Kasen Knightstown IN
2448 King Kinzie Knightstown IN
2449 Kirby Katelyn Godley TX
2450 Kirby Tyler Godley TX
2451 Klawitter Alivia Heyworth IL
2452 Klawitter Mason Heyworth IL
2453 Klawitter Raegan Heyworth IL
2454 Klecker Jenna Owatonna MN
2455 Klemme Alexandra Otterbein IN
2456 Klingenberg Liza Dorr MI
2457 Klingenberg Riley Dorr MI
2458 Kloss Hailee Madison IN
2459 Klug Briggs Columbus NE
2460 Knepp Dillon Lincolnville KS
2461 Knepp Grace Lincolnville KS
2462 Knepp Santiago Lincolnville KS
2463 Knoll Dillon Hamburg NY
2464 Kocher Clea Olathe KS
2465 Kocher Kirby Olathe KS
2466 Koenck Carter Ruthven IA
2467 Koenck Mara Ruthven IA
2468 Koenig Cash Stamford TX
2469 Koenig Houston Stamford TX
2470 Koenig Stetson Stamford TX
2471 Kohman Ruby Abilene KS
2472 Kolesar Kayla Ashville OH
2473 Kollman Liam Earl Park IN
2474 Kollman Livia Earl Park IN
2475 Kollman Logan Earl Park IN
2476 Koopman Connor Wingate IN
2477 Koopman Rylie Wingate IN
2478 Korthals Sarah Cambridge IL
2479 Kozarec Ansley Farmersvile OH
2480 Kozarec Kace Farmersvile OH
2481 Kozarec Zane Farmersvile OH
2482 Krause Evan Kewanee IL
2483 Kroksh Brendan Akron IA
2484 Kuhlow Kristina Clinton WI
2485 Kuhlow Logan Clinton WI
2486 Lackey Grant Haskell TX
2487 Lackey Jarrett Springville IN
2488 Lackey Weston Haskell TX
2489 Laffey Royse Maryville MO
2490 Lambert Tyler Roland IA
2491 Lancaster Brayden Battletown KY
2492 Landoll Zephry Marysville KS
2493 Landry Hallie Jeanerette LA
2494 Landry Keri Jeanerette LA
2495 Langford Rylee Weatherford TX
2496 Lash Landry Gilmore City IA
2497 Laufenberg Jack Melrose WI
2498 Laufenberg Taylor Melrose WI
2499 Laufenberg Trent Melrose WI
2500 Law Braelyn Franklin IN
2501 Lawson Isaiah Sidney OH
2502 Lawson Kellen Shelbyville IN
2503 Lawson Lydia Sidney OH
2504 LeBlanc Luke Gramercy LA
2505 LeForce Stetson Pawnee OK
2506 Lentfer Olivia Firth NE
2507 Lentfer Sophia Firth NE
2508 Leonard Jax Mansfield TX
2509 Letterman Lilian Niangua MO
2510 Leven Larke Pandhandle TX
2511 Leven Mack Pandhandle TX
2512 Lewis Brailey Center Point IA
2513 Lewis Caleigh Center Point IA
2514 Lewis Kaylee Chillcothe MO
2515 Lewis Kolten Center Point IA
2516 Liles Mallory Wapakoneta OH
2517 Lillard Abi Abilene KS
2518 Lillard Chase Abilene KS
2519 Limoges Emile Zephyrhills FL
2520 Lindley Jack Chualar Canyon Road CA
2521 Lindley Madeline Chualar CA CA
2522 Lindstrom Tommy Westbrook MN
2523 Line Gabrielle Gabby Huntington IN
2524 Link Anna Rio IL
2525 Link Lola Rio IL
2526 Linneman Alexi South Elgin IL
2527 Lisle Kendall Bridgeport TX
2528 Littlefield William Royse City TX
2529 Logan Blake Atlanta IN
2530 Logan Lacie Atlanta IN
2531 Loganbill Cody Lawrence KS
2532 Logue Hunter Liberty IN
2533 Logue Levi Liberty IN
2534 Logue Sam Richmond IN
2535 Long Ava Cedar IA
2536 Long Carlee Paris MO
2537 Long Marlena Paris MO
2538 Long Weston Cedar Iowa IA
2539 Loos Landri Litchfield NE
2540 Loppnow Dane Burlington WI
2541 Lora Paxton Lincoln IL
2542 Loudermilk Colin Wheatland IN
2543 Louque Ravin Paulina LA
2544 Lovell Amber Middleburg FL
2545 Lowdermilk Chase Center Point IN
2546 Lowdermilk Sydney Center Point IN
2547 Lowes Chandler Anderson IN
2548 Lucht Hailey Milford IL
2549 Lucht Kirstyn Milford IL
2550 Lynn Carson Bainbridge GA
2551 Lynn Kamryn Atwater OH
2552 Lynn Kayla Atwater OH
2553 Lynn Lauren Atwater OH
2554 Mabry Avery Weatherford TX
2555 Mabry Chloe Farmington AR
2556 Mabry Kenton Earlham IA
2557 Mabry Landry Earlham IA
2558 Mabry Reyse Weatherford TX
2559 Mackey Tyler Seymour IL
2560 Malcolm Madilyn Garrett IN
2561 Malcolm Micah Garrett IN
2562 Mallett Ellie Columbia MO
2563 Manier Corey Lowell IN
2564 Manier Luke Lowell IN
2565 Manier Natalie Lowell IN
2566 Markla Dakota Ventura IA
2567 Marsh Ethan Monrovia IN
2568 Martin Chayse Paris IL
2569 Martin Shelby Bloomington IN
2570 Martin Wyatt Bloomington IN
2571 Martinez Cody Mulberry FL
2572 Mason Kaden Montgomery TX
2573 Mason Kamlynn Montgomery TX
2574 Massingill Aiden Dundee MI
2575 Massingill Alana Dundee MI
2576 Mathewson Ann London OH
2577 Mauck Hyder Gaston IN
2578 Mauck Lakyn Gaston IN
2579 Maxwell Kaden Valparaiso IN
2580 May Mack Tennille GA
2581 May Maddy Grace Tennille GA
2582 May McKenna Kate Tennille GA
2583 May Micah Tennille GA
2584 McCallan wyatt Cameron MO
2585 McClaskey Grace New Ross IN
2586 McClaskey Peri New Ross IN
2587 McClaskey Seth New Ross IN
2588 McCray Shelbi Greenville IL
2589 McElhenny Allyson Starke FL
2590 Mckeague Ethan San Luis obispo CA
2591 McKinney Sam Colo IA
2592 McMillan Kendall Caldwell ID
2593 McNeil Gage Elgin OK
2594 McPherson Greye Duncan OK
2595 McWherter Kian Royal Center IN
2596 Mead Emily Sturgis MI
2597 Mead Macy Monrovia IN
2598 Mead Parker Monrovia IN
2599 Mears Ben David West Alexandria OH
2600 Medley Kenley Cambridge IL
2601 Mehmen Alison Plainfield IA
2602 Mehmen Jackson Plainfield IA
2603 Mench Megan Shirley IN
2604 Merchlewitz Griffan Rushford MN
2605 Michael Justin Farmersville OH
2606 Mickey Drew Taylorville IL
2607 Mikus Tate Wright City MO
2608 Miles Avery Doland SD
2609 Miller Abby Denton TX
2610 Miller Colton Huntington IN
2611 Miller Copeland Eunice LA
2612 Miller Dylan Huntington IN
2613 Miller Hannah Cabery IL
2614 Miller Hayden Cabery IL
2615 Miller Holden Cabery IL
2616 Miller Kenady Zephyrhills FL
2617 Miller Laura-Kate Eunice LA
2618 Miller Mason Huntington IN
2619 Miller Reid Melvin IL
2620 Millett Audrey Pierceton IN
2621 Millett Madison Pierceton IN
2622 Minardo Wyatt Amo IN
2623 Mings Gage Westport IN
2624 Mings Rhett Westport IN
2625 Misiniec Alexis Bicknell IN
2626 Misiniec Jacob Bicknell IN
2627 Mitchell Evie Jamestown IN
2628 Mitchell Noah Jamestown IN
2629 Mollett Lane Sorento IL
2630 Montle Jenna New Marshfield OH
2631 Moody Kimber Homer IL
2632 Moore Allayna Baldwin City KS
2633 Moore Allisyn Blair OK
2634 Moore Amanda Farmersburg IN
2635 Moore Joseph Farmersburg IN
2636 Moore Kami Baldwin City KS
2637 Moore Reed Baldwin City KS
2638 Moore Ryleigh Grinnell IA
2639 Morgan Ryland Clarion IA
2640 Morris Cylee Bluffton IN
2641 Morrisey Meredithe Kansas IL
2642 Mortensen Dylan Keenesburg CO
2643 Moseley Kaden Osseo WI
2644 Moseley Rachel Osseo WI
2645 Moser Embrey Goldsby OK
2646 Moser Kash Goldsby OK
2647 Mosher Justin Congerville IL
2648 Mosley Maggie Green Cove Springs FL
2649 Mowbray Dalton Kellogg IA
2650 Mullenhoff Jurnee Leigh NE
2651 Mullenhoff Quentin Leigh NE
2652 Muller Zach Algona IA
2653 Mullins Brice Scottsburg IN
2654 Mundt Jacob Runnells IA
2656 Murphy Cole Houstonia MO
2657 Murphy Ryan Bradford IL
2658 Musick Mclayn Camp Point IL
2659 Myers Audrey Frankfort IN
2660 Myers Clay Wellsville PA
2661 Myers Emily Rensselaer IN
2662 Myers Grant Rensselaer IN
2663 Myers James Thornville OH
2664 Myers Mallory Thornville OH
2665 Myers Reagan Frankfort IN
2666 Nation Caden Greenfield IN
2667 Naughton Reed Atlanta IL
2668 Naylor Worth Richmond IN
2669 Neal Mackenzie West Aleaxandria OH
2670 Nelson Corinne Toronto KS
2671 Nemecek Brody Iola KS
2672 Neshem Addison Granville ND
2673 Newhouse Erika Marion IN
2674 Newton Carter Markesan WI
2675 Newton Madelyn Markesan WI
2676 Newton McKenna Markesan WI
2677 Nicholson Dustin Ellsworth IA
2678 Niehaus Cale Sac City IA
2679 Niemeier Emily California MO
2680 Niemeier Peyton California MO
2681 Noggle Michelle Casey IL
2682 Nolte Mason Wilton IA
2683 Nordmeyer Dexter Chebanse IL
2684 Nordmeyer Kylie Chebanse IL
2685 Nunley Parker Cyril OK
2686 Nunn Conner Cyril OK
2687 Oaks Summer Anna OH
2688 OBerry Braci Kay Avon Park FL
2689 OBerry Jalyn Avon Park FL
2690 ODiam Adrienne Farmersville OH
2691 Odling Avonlea Elkhorn WI
2693 OFarrell Ryan Delphi IN
2694 Oglesby Paislee Rae Hico TX
2695 Olson Braden Elkhart IL
2696 Olson Kelten Elkhart IL
2697 Olson Luke Elkhart IL
2698 O'Neal Whitley Spencer IN
2699 Osbon Laney Wesley AR
2700 Osborn Karson Fort Gibson OK
2701 OSteen Shelby Waycross GA
2702 Ostrom Bryce Dorr MI
2703 Ostrom Cooper Dorr MI
2704 Outhouse Ben Oregon WI
2705 Outhouse Benjamin Oregon WI
2706 Outhouse Billy Oregon WI
2707 Outhouse Russell Oregon WI
2708 Ownbey Sawyer Whitney TX
2709 Panek Jacie Batavia IL
2710 Pangallo McKenzie Dade City FL
2711 Pankey Lyla Jacksboro TX
2712 Park Makayla Kewanee IL
2713 Parrish Jade Parrish FL
2714 Parrish Kalli Edina MO
2715 Patrick Brice North Manchester IN
2716 Patterson Hannah Ashville OH
2717 Patterson Logan Ashville OH
2718 Paulsen Thomas Cedar Falls IA
2719 Pecora Amy Harrison City PA
2720 Pecora Tee Harrison city PA
2721 Pendley Kade Cyril OK
2722 Pendley Kaysen Fairmont OK
2723 Perry Andrew Minonk IL
2724 Perry Coltin Minonk IL
2725 Peter Mallory Hicksville OH
2727 Petersen Cade Oak Harbor OH
2728 Peterson Alexander Galesburg IL
2729 Peterson Landrey Rhodes IA
2730 Peterson Megan Galesburg IL
2731 Peterson Paityn Rhodes IA
2732 Petla William Virginia IL
2733 Petroshus Carlton Gobles MI
2734 Petroshus Kaden Gobles MI
2735 Platt Brantley Roanoke IN
2736 Poliska Grady Davis Junction IL
2737 Poliska Paisley Davis Junction IL
2738 Pool Genna Lee Wrightsville GA
2739 Popejoy Colton Star City IN
2740 Popejoy Sadie Star City IN
2741 Popejoy Sophia Star City IN
2742 Porter Trey California MO
2743 Pretz Thomas Columbus Junction IA
2744 Price Carter Bartow FL
2745 Price Tobey Bartow FL
2746 Prill Luke Wichita KS
2747 Prine Alanna Winchester OH
2748 Prins Cameron Iona MN
2749 Prins Carter Iona MN
2750 Prins Danica Iona MN
2751 Pruet Riggin Danville IN
2752 Pruet Royston Danville IN
2753 Pursley Rhett Locust Grove OK
2754 Quesenberry Malia St Paris OH
2755 Racca Grant Iowa LA
2756 Rambadt Andy Sturgis MI
2757 Ramlow Max Lincoln IL
2758 Ramlow Sydney Lincoln IL
2760 Rash Averey Kewanee IL
2761 Rash Castin Kewanee IL
2762 Rash Vivienne Kewanee IL
2763 Ray Kade Brocton IL
2764 Reasy Kolton New Enterprise PA
2765 Reed Destiny Ashville OH
2766 Reed Ella Thornville OH
2767 Reed Meghan Glenwood IN
2768 Reed Paisley Carmen OK
2769 Reeves Hadley Kohl Hico TX
2770 Reid Kyrstin Hiram OH
2771 Reinhard Taylor Towner ND
2772 Reinhardt Evelyn Merrill WI
2773 Rennecker Madelyn Aurora OH
2774 Reppert Aubrey Wellborn FL
2775 Resler Ava Owatonna MN
2776 Resmon Abigail Greenfield IN
2777 Rhoads Bailey Crawfordsville IN
2778 Rhoads Cole Ladoga IN
2779 Rhoads Hallee Paris IL
2780 Rhoads Hallie Ladoga IN
2781 Rhoads Natalie Ladoga IN
2782 Rhoads Rachel Crawfordsville IN
2783 Rice Brant Dawson PA
2784 Richard Bailey Paulina LA
2785 Richards Reese Avon Park FL
2786 Richardson Sawyer Vinita OK
2787 Richey Wade Altus OK
2788 Riggs Carter Anderson IN
2789 Rinderer Logan Highland IL
2790 Risius Ryan Austin MN
2791 Risius Sydney Austin MN
2792 Ritter Cole Fortville IN
2793 Ritter Jackson Fortville IN
2794 Robb Rylee Mclean IL
2795 Roberts Kaden Niangua MO
2796 Robertson Avery Mooresville IN
2797 Robertson Dane Mooresville IN
2798 Robinson Annie Wellsville MO
2799 Robinson Ellie Alexis IL
2800 Robinson Emma Alexis IL
2801 Robinson Katelyn Wellsville MO
2802 Robinson Lauren Wellsville MO
2803 Rockey Chance Calvin OK
2804 Rodgers Payton Savannah MO
2805 Rodibaugh Gentry Rensselaer IN
2806 Rodibaugh Jacob Rensselaer IN
2807 Rodibaugh Kennedy Rensselaer IN
2808 Rodibaugh Landry Rensselaer IN
2809 Rodibaugh Riley Rensselaer IN
2810 Roeber Easton Ashland NE
2811 Rohrer Lane Leland IL
2812 Rombough Mason Waxahachie TX
2813 Rosas Logan Mediapolis IA
2814 Rosser Canon Grinnell IA
2815 Rosser Tucker Bessemer AL
2816 Rothamel Tyson Winterset IA
2817 Rounsavall Ryan Hallsville MO
2818 Rourke Colby Iowa City IA
2819 Rourke Cuyler Iowa CIty IA
2820 Royal AJ Fitzgerald GA
2821 Royal Brooks Fitzgerald GA
2822 Runner Delaney Gilman IA
2823 Ruschmeier Zoe Glencoe MN
2824 Russell Karson Ft Meade FL
2826 Russell Paisley Athens OH
2827 Rustemeyer Hannah Heyworth IL
2828 Rustemeyer Morgan Heyworth IL
2829 Ryker Jaiden Zephyrhills FL
2830 Sandberg Reece Roseburg OR
2831 Sanders Steven Guthrie OK
2833 Scale Caydence South Solon OH
2834 Schaefer Cade Reisterstown MD
2835 Schaefer Haydn Reisterstown MD
2836 Schaefer Leah Reisterstown MD
2837 Schafer Eric Owaneco IL
2838 Schafer Hannah Petersburg IL
2839 Schimp Steven Valley springs CA
2840 Schlutz Jake Letts IA
2841 Schmitz Lacey Oakes ND
2842 Schmitz Lynsey Oakes ND
2843 Schreoder Layton West Point NE
2844 Schuck Zach Valparaiso IN
2845 Schultz Emmie Decatur IN
2846 Schwartz Conner Decatur IN
2847 Seaburn Kenna London OH
2848 Seaman Drake Beardstown IL
2849 Sergeant Sarah Lebo KS
2850 Seye Kane Clutier IA
2851 Shafer Charles Grimes IA
2852 Shafer Kirsten Springdale AR
2853 Shafer Tyler Grimes IA
2854 Shanahan Presely Downs IL
2855 Sharp Luke Lagrange IN
2856 Shawley Charlie Afton IA
2857 Sheets Robby Columbia city IN
2858 Sheldon Deegan Remington IN
2859 Sheridan Micah Milford IL
2860 Sheridan Payton Milford IL
2861 Shike Harper Sadorus IL
2862 Shike Hunter Sadorus IL
2863 Shike Olivia Sadorus IL
2864 Shivers Emma College station TX
2865 Shoemaker Shae Maroa IL
2866 Shofner Ian New London WI
2867 Shott Natalie Poplar Grove IL
2868 Shvetzoff Emily Zephyrhills FL
2869 Simon Parker San Jose CA
2870 Sims Emma Sweet Springs MO
2871 Sinclair Gavin Danville IN
2872 Slagle Anna Grinnell IA
2873 Slagle Will Grinnell IA
2874 Sleik Michael Oshkosh WI
2875 Smith Clay Garfield GA
2876 Smith Ellie Riverview FL
2877 Smith Joe Ambrose GA
2878 Smith Kailey Verona IL
2879 Smith Kendel Ozark AR
2880 Smith Landon Elkhart IL
2881 Smith Olivia Elkhart IL
2882 Smith Owen New Vienna OH
2883 Smith Raylan Verona IL
2884 Smock Conner Jackson Center OH
2885 Smock John Jackson Center OH
2886 Smolkovich Ava Bonfield IL
2887 Smolkovich Frankie Bonfield IL
2888 Smolkovich Vinny Bonfield IL
2889 Snethen Cade Otterbein IN
2890 Snethen Calli Otterbein IN
2891 Sobasky Alyssa Churubusco IN
2892 Soileau Madeline Ville Platte LA
2893 Soileau Olivia Ville Platte LA
2894 Sollner Jake Cottonwood Falls KS
2895 Sonner Mary Seaman OH
2896 Sowell Kyndal Bartow FL
2897 Sowell Raelyn Bartow FL
2898 Spears Braylon Hartshorne OK
2899 Spittler Emma Rae West Union IL
2900 Spray Keegan lafayette IN
2901 Spray Landrey lafayette IN
2902 Spray Makayla Lafayette IN
2903 Sprecher Annabeth Lone Rock WI
2904 Sprecher Talena Lone Rock WI
2905 Sproull Garrit Uhrichsville OH
2906 Stadtmiller Trent Dayton PA
2907 Stallcop Brenna Brazil IN
2908 Stallcop Sophie Brazil IN
2909 Stalnaker Kendal Lake Butler FL
2910 Stangl Catherine Okarche OK
2911 Steiner Anna Terre Haute IN
2912 Steiner Kaden Terre Haute IN
2913 Stephenson Whitney Coatesville IN
2914 Sterle Jackson Roland IA
2915 Stickler Bryson Pleasant Plains IL
2916 Stockwell Brianna Dowagiac MI
2917 Stoelting Logan Center Point IN
2918 Stohlquist Ethan Poplar Grove IL
2919 Stohlquist Isabel Poplar Grove IL
2920 Stohlquist Marshall Poplar Grove IL
2921 Stoller Keaton Gridley IL
2922 Stoller Nash Gridley IL
2923 Stoller Trig Gridley IL
2924 Stone Charlee McCalla AL
2925 Stoner Allison Taneytown MD
2926 Storm Ella Lakewood IL
2927 Storm Emmalee Lakewood IL
2928 Strange Ainsley Rensselaer IN
2929 Strange Payton Rensselaer IN
2930 Strenge Ethan Klemme IA
2931 Striegel McKenna Moravia IA
2932 Summers Ashlyn Hico TX
2933 Swafford Holly Harrison AR
2934 Swaim Stormi Rockville IN
2935 Swaim Whitney Rockville IN
2936 Sweeten Allee Gentry AR
2937 Swenson Eli Newark IL
2938 Swenson Nate Newark IL
2939 Swenson Rhett Sparta WI
2940 Swinford Rachel Morrison OK
2941 Taipin Kekoa Klamath Falls OR
2942 Taulman Marek Remington IN
2943 Taulman Morgn Remington IN
2944 Taulman Mylee Remington IN
2945 Taylor Bailey Uniondale IN
2946 Taylor Maggie Walton IN
2947 Taylor McCoy Walton IN
2948 Taylor Meghan Uniondale IN
2949 Taylor Rhett Okemah OK
2950 Taylor Shelby Radnor OH
2951 Terrell Brody Arlington IN
2952 Testin Rachel Newark IL
2953 Tharp Weston Yale IL
2954 Thomas Austin Vincennes IN
2955 Thomas Kobe Jacksboro TX
2956 Thompson Adison Noble OK
2957 Thompson Dylan Sandwich IL
2958 Thompson Maddox Frankfort IN
2959 Thompson Richard Newark IL
2960 Tice Hannah Story City IA
2961 Tice Mason Story City IA
2962 Tigges Dyllyn Towner ND
2963 Todd Mckinzee Porter OK
2964 Toenyes Kayla Moro IL
2965 Trainor Chase Tower Hill IL
2966 Trainor Sophie Tower Hill IL
2967 Tribbett Jaiden Montiecllo IN
2968 Trogdon Krayten Paris IL
2969 Trogdon Suttyn Paris IL
2970 Turgeon Mackenzie Cushing OK
2971 Turner Carolyne Moultrie GA
2972 Turner Ret Moultrie GA
2973 Unger Piper Carlisle IN
2974 Utterback Cagney Alexandria IN
2975 Utterback Connor Alexandria IN
2976 Van Ness Mary Danville IN
2977 VanAusdall Jayden Spring Branch TX
2978 VanAusdall Kamryn Spring Branch TX
2979 VanAusdall Kylee Spring Branch TX
2980 Vance Dylan Onarga IL
2981 Vance Grace Onarga IL
2982 VanderWiel Banx Ladora IA
2983 Vannocker Aubriana Lebo KS
2984 VanOpdorp Hailey Geneseo IL
2985 Varnes Regan Chiefland FL
2986 Vaske Tyger Manchester IA
2987 Vaughn Adalynn Maxwell IA
2988 Vernon Langley Liberty SC
2989 Vernon Luke Anderson SC
2990 Vigar Jaima Urbana IN
2991 Vigar Quintenn Urbana IN
2992 Vincent Wyatt Owensburg IN
2993 Voight Tyla Tip City OH
2994 Vorpagel Caden Adams MN
2995 Vorpagel Olivia Adams MN
2996 Voyles Colten Delta IA
2997 Voyles Levi Delta IA
2998 Vroegh Braxton Oskaloosa IA
2999 Vroegh Lane Oskaloosa IA
3500 Wade Baylee Paris MO
3501 Wade Bryce Paris MO
3502 Wagner Morgan Canton IL
3503 Walker Tegan Michigantown IN
3504 Waller Macie Inverness FL
3505 Waller Taylor Inverness FL
3506 Walls Madelyn Martinsville IN
3508 Waltz Taylor Dexter IA
3509 Wamsley Caleb Rensselaer IN
3510 Wanous Jase Glencoe MN
3511 Wanous Zachary Glencoe MN
3512 Warin Megan Ames IA
3513 Warren Graydon Franktown CO
3514 Wasson Halle Chalmers IN
3515 Waterman Korynn Chalmers IN
3516 Watson Harlin Edgerton WI
3517 Watson Steele Edgerton WI
3518 Watson Sydney Edgerton WI
3519 Watters Ava Swaledale IA
3520 Watters Jack Swaledale IA
3521 Watts Jalei Warner OK
3522 Way Kaci West Salem OH
3523 Way Sadie West Salem OH
3524 Webb Caroline Iowa LA
3525 Webb Max Iowa LA
3526 Webel Ashley Arcadia IN
3527 Webel Blake Arcadia IN
3528 Webel Cole Arcadia IN
3529 Webster Adrianna Venango PA
3530 Webster Alaina Venango PA
3531 Webster Cole Chrisman IL
3532 Webster Kyle Chrisman IL
3533 Wehmer Benton Wadesville IN
3534 Wehmer Jaydyn Poseyville IN
3535 Wehmer Parker Wadesville IN
3536 Weinkauf Cole Waterford WI
3537 Weinkauf Maya Waterford WI
3538 Weisinger Eliza Ft Madison IA
3539 Weisinger Ella Ft Madison IA
3540 Welch Drake Kinder LA
3541 Welch Drew Sheridan MO
3542 Welch Emma Lafayette IN
3543 Welch Peyton Lafayette IN
3544 Welch Tate Sheridan MO
3545 Weldon Brayden Maxwell IA
3546 Wellman Tyler West Point IA
3547 Werkmeister Mikayla Troy MO
3548 Werning Creighten Emery SD
3549 Wessel Lillie Seymour IN
3550 White Carson Ladoga IN
3551 White Chase Jasper GA
3552 White Dillon Jacksonville IL
3553 White Ellie Moss TN
3554 White Lillie Moss TN
3555 White Maggie Estherville IA
3556 White Tabor Moss TN
3557 Whiteaker Kendall Marseilles IL
3558 Whiteaker Tucker Marseilles IL
3559 Widmer Jordan Monroe IA
3560 Widmer Madison Monroe IA
3561 Wileman Caitlyn Janesville WI
3562 Wilkinson Farrah La Vernia TX
3563 Williams Alec Cimarron KS
3564 Williams Berkley Sheridan IN
3565 Williams Brayden Cimarron KS
3566 Williams Brylee Princeton MO
3567 Williams Cale Cory IN
3568 Williams Drew Cory IN
3569 Williams Jesse Parker Sheridan IN
3570 Williams Titan Williamsport OH
3571 Williams Whitley Hazlehurst GA
3572 Wilson Chelby Vilonia AR
3573 Wilson Truman Pleasant Hill MO
3574 Wilson Tyne Pleasant Hill MO
3575 Wimberley Sidney Mayo FL
3576 Windish Bo Brimfield IL
3577 Windish Slone Brimfield IL
3578 Wininger Peyton Waveland IN
3579 Winkle Claire Hillsboro OH
3580 Winkle Corbin Hillsboro OH
3581 Winter Colter Lubbock TX
3582 Winter Madisen Kewanee IL
3583 Winter Teagan El Reno OK
3584 Wischmeier Craig Brownstown IN
3585 Woodruff Pierce Moorland IA
3586 Woods Keaton Tipton IN
3587 workman Dalton Solsberry IN
3588 Wright Mason Coal Center PA
3589 Wurdeman Colton Kathleen GA
3590 Wuthnow Cooper Manchester KS
3591 Wynne Evan Alexis IL
3592 Yokom Jayden Smartsville CA
3593 Young Owen Edgerton WI
3594 Zedeker Jaden Bellefontaine OH
3595 Zedeker Kylee Bellefontaine OH
3596 Zimmerman Alexis Ashville OH
3597 Zimmerman Lea Poplar Grove IL
3598 Zimprich Paige Milnor ND
3599 Zollman Madyson Boonville IN
3600 Zundel Aaron New Alexandria PA
3601 Zundel Autumn New Alexandria PA
3602 Luitjens Grace Burt IA
3603 Mauck Chad   IN
3604 Bivens Tinleigh   CO
3605 Muck Abigail   IL
3606 Lochard Gavin   OH
3607 Downing Mikaela Mt sterling OH
3608 Bunting Braelyn Gibson City IL
3609 Sliger Brynlee Blufton IN
3610 Sliger Baylee Blufton IN
3611 Stewart Jessee Sabina OH
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