The National Swine Registry (NSR) has a 10 member Executive Committee and four individual breed boards.

NSR Executive Committee

The NSR Executive Committee is comprised of 10 members, of which three (3) are appointed by the Breed Board of Directors for each of the Duroc, Hampshire, and Yorkshire breeds, and one (1) appointed by Landrace Breed Board of Directors. These representatives may or may not come from the current Breed Board of Directors and will serve staggered three-year terms.

2023 NSR Executive Committee

Name State Phone  
Dan Burzlaff Iowa 563-357-1957 Chairman/Yorkshire
Ben Olsen South Dakota 605-660-2828 Vice Chairman/Yorkshire
Nick Hofschulte Oklahoma 918-541-7893 Yorkshire
Kyle Baade Nebraska 402-239-2229 Hampshire
Justin Rodibaugh Indiana 219-863-1393 Duroc
Mike Watson Indiana 317-372-2725 Hampshire
Jonas McGrew Illinois 309-337-6902 Landrace
Shon Grimm Iowa 563-920-9688 Hampshire
Don R. Smith Ohio 419-571-3987 Duroc
Doug Albright Michigan 517-416-5781 Duroc

Breed Board of Directors

A board of directors consisting of seven (7) members shall manage the affairs of the American Yorkshire Club (AYC), United Duroc Swine Registry (UDSR), Hampshire Swine Registry (HSR) and American Landrace Association (ALA). One director from the AYC, UDSR and HSR should be elected from each of the three districts, with four directors serving as at-large representatives. All ALA director positions are at-large. The boundaries of each district will be based on membership, recordings and geography, and will be established by the NSR Executive Committee. District boundaries will be reviewed every three years thereafter, and after such review, the NSR Executive Committee shall revise the boundaries as it deems appropriate. At no time shall more than three directors be elected in the same year. No more than two members of one state can serve on the board at one time.

Duroc Board of Directors

Name State Term expires*  
Wade Hendricks Indiana 2023 President
Justin Rodibaugh Indiana 2024* Vice President
Jayson Butts Michigan 2023*  
Doug Stewart Iowa 2023  
John Huinker Iowa 2025  
Chuck Real Texas 2025  
Randy Shipley Ohio 2025  
*denotes second term

Hampshire Board of Directors

Name State Term expires*  
Shon Grimm Iowa 2024* President
Earl Dotson Missouri 2023 Vice President
Jim Kilmer Indiana 2023  
Pat Arkfield Kansas 2025  
Mark Peter Illinois 2023*  
Lee Cain Iowa 2025  
Steve Rodibaugh Indiana 2025  
*denotes second term

Landrace Board of Directors

Name State Term expires*  
Kyle Crowder Indiana 2025* President
Russell Pedrett California 2023* Vice President
Carter Schulte California 2025  
Freddie Grohmann Illinois 2023*  
Kyle Knauth Illinois 2024*  
Ben Lenig, Ind. Indiana 2024  
Lance Strange Indiana 2025  
*denotes second term

Yorkshire Board of Directors

Name State Term expires*  
Jared Frueh Illinois 2025* President
Nick Hofschulte Oklahoma 2024 Vice President
Ben Olsen South Dakota 2023*  
Travis Platt Indiana 2023  
Mark Hoge Illinois 2025  
Mike Fagg Indiana 2024  
Kevin Ricker Ohio 2023*  
*denotes second term