Premier Breeder Program

The National Swine Registry recognizes that today’s young breeders are the future of the purebred swine industry. To support the continued growth of youth involvement in the production of purebred swine, the NJSA Premier Breeder Program was established.  This program is designed to acknowledge the achievements of junior members that are building breeding programs and exhibiting bred and owned gilts through NJSA events. Exhibitors of purebred bred and owned gilts can compete for the opportunity to earn $1,000 in buying credit towards NSR sales each year.

Mentoring Values People

Mentoring Values People is a program where older NJSA members serve as mentors to younger and/or first-time NJSA members. Mentors are matched with a protégé to “show them the ropes” of our events as well as being a familiar face for them to interact with at shows! Meanwhile, the NJSA mentors have the awesome opportunity to be “coached” by some of the swine industry’s leaders in production, business, communications and leadership development through monthly webinars, year-round discussions and much more! Mentor training takes place in the spring at the NJSA National Youth Leadership Conference. With our association’s increased growth, this program provides youth with a great opportunity to get to know other NJSA members while learning more about what NJSA and the swine industry has to offer.

MVP Events

Meet with your protégé, mentor or coach outside an NJSA scheduled event, such as state fairs and open shows throughout the summer! Also plan to meet at this fall's NJSA shows and events!

For more information about the MVP program, contact the NJSA office at 765.463.3594 or e-mail ellen@nationalswine.com