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The National Swine Registry (NSR) is the pedigree livestock association for the purebred Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire swine breeds in the United States located in West Lafayette, Indiana. The NSR represents 87 percent of the total purebred hog population in the U.S.

The NSR's services include litter registrations, performance pedigrees, breed promotion and marketing assistance. The NSR is capable of meeting all of your genetic needs, including free genetic consultation and across-herd genetic evaluations.

The four breeds comprising the NSR are making significant contributions to the overall profitability of the swine industry. Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire represent 87 percent of the total purebred hog population in the United States.










There are two types of National Swine Registry membership: Senior Life Membership and Junior Membership. Within each of these classes there shall be active and inactive status for members.


You are encouraged to join the individual breed association if you are interested in breeding purebred Yorkshire, Hampshire, Duroc or Landrace swine. A Senior member must be over 21 years of age and a resident of the United States (or a corporation incorporated under United States law). To receive a Senior Life Membership, payment of $85 will be collected which includes the one-time membership fee of $10 plus the first year's $75 maintenance fee. This payment should accompany the application for membership.

NOTE: “First Year” Senior Life Membership fees are $85; $10 for the lifetime membership fee and $75 for the first year’s maintenance fee. After the first fiscal year, a maintenance fee of $75 per breed is all that is required.


Activities for youth are a growing part of the National Swine Registry program. To encourage junior activity, junior memberships are available, at no charge, to all breeders under 21 years of age. Junior memberships are issued only in the name of an individual person. Junior memberships register and transfer under the same conditions as Senior Life Members.


To be an active Senior Life Member an annual maintenance fee (annual dues) of $75 per breed is due and payable on Jan. 1, for Yorkshire, Hampshire, Duroc and Landrace of each year. With this $75 annual maintenance fee, the member will automatically receive a Seedstock EDGE subscription.

The second criterion for active status membership is to record breeding stock at least one litter during the previous fiscal year.

History of National Swine Registry

The National Swine Registry (NSR) formed in 1994 as a result of the consolidation of the American Yorkshire Club, the Hampshire Swine Registry and the United Duroc Swine Registry. In January 1998, the American Landrace Association joined the NSR.

This consolidation effort allowed for increased efficiency in the services offered to purebred breeders through the elimination of duplicated resource allocation, and established a unified approach to the future development of programs and services for each of the four breeds.

These four breed organizations are located in one central office in West Lafayette, Indiana, Below is a current depiction of the current NSR membership demographics, and show the NSR includes a membership base that represents nearly all of the states in the continental U.S.

The NSR's services include litter registrations, performance pedigrees, breed promotion and marketing assistance. As well, the NSR has created various educational materials, including a swine-judging video. The NSR is capable of meeting all of your genetic needs, including free genetic consultation, across-herd genetic evaluations, and a National Four-Breed Sire Summary. This National Sire Summary is published every six months and includes all trait leaders in each breed.

The four breeds comprising the NSR are making significant contributions to the overall profitability of the swine industry. Hampshires, Landrace, Durocs and Yorkshires represent 87 percent of the total purebred hog population in the United States.


Each of the respective breed associations that comprise the National Swine Registry have a long and rich history that goes back to the 1800's. During the time when each association operated as a separate entity, the general oversight and development of each breed was governed individually.

In the earlier stages of the purebred seedstock industry in the U.S., breeders typically raised and sold one breed of hogs. Over time, these breeders began to take part in more than one organization, as the average seedstock supplier maintained several breeds on their farm to meet the demands of the U.S. commercial producer. As this trend increased throughout the 1970's and 1980's, an increase in the level of sophistication of commercial clients was also taking place. As the commercial clients of purebred seedstock suppliers began to utilize more specific crossbreeding programs, this ultimately placed increased pressure on the seedstock supplier, and ultimately, the needed services offered by breed organizations.

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NSR Executive Committee

The NSR Executive Committee is comprised of 10 members, of which three (3) are appointed by the Breed Board of Directors for each of the Duroc, Hampshire, and Yorkshire breeds, and one (1) appointed by Landrace Breed Board of Directors. These representatives may or may not come from the current Breed Board of Directors and will serve staggered three-year terms.

2018 NSR Executive Committee

Name State Phone  
Dusty Cain Iowa 641-203-2257 Chairman
Brett Beyers Illinois 815-848-3549 Vice Chairman
Steve Cobb Arkansas 870-219-7281  
Cody McCleery Texas 817-613-6666  
Jim McCoy Ohio 740-572-0271  
Bill Range Illinois 618-973-1070  
Dr. Mike Tripp Oklahoma 580-513-0723  
Dan Burzlaff Iowa 563-357-1957  
Lynsee Shaffer-Pullen Indiana 765-717-9924  
Kyle Baade Nebraska 402-239-2229  

(l to r): Bill Range, Dusty Cain, Dr. Mike Tripp, Lynsee Shaffer-Pullen, Jim McCoy, Dan Burzlaff, Brett Beyers, Ill., Cody McCleery, Kyle Baade
Not pictured: Steve Cobb

Breed Board of Directors

A Board of Directors consisting of seven (7) members manages the affairs of each respective breed association. Two directors are elected from each of the three districts, with one director serving as an at-large representative. The boundaries of each district will be based on membership, recordings and geography and will be established by the NSR Executive Committee. District boundaries will be reviewed every three years thereafter, and after such review, the NSR Executive Committee shall revise the boundaries, as it deems appropriate. At no time shall more than three directors be elected in the same year. No more than two members of one state can serve on the board at one time.

Directors shall serve a term of three years or until their successors are elected or are appointed. The members of the Board of Directors must be active members of their respective breed associations in good standing. No director shall serve a term of more than two consecutive three-year terms and must be off the board for three years before being reelected to the board. The breed board of directors will meet a minimum of one time per year, typically during the NSR annual meeting every March.

Duroc Board of Directors

Name State Term expires*  
Don R. Smith Ohio 2020* President
Doug Albright Michigan 2019 Vice President
Joe Roberts Missouri 2018*  
Brett Beyers Illinois 2019*  
Chad Hill Texas 2019  
Jayson Butts Wisconsin 2020  
Darrell Drake Indiana 2020  
*denotes second term

(l to r): Brett Beyers, Joe Roberts, Chad Hill, Don R. Smith, Jayson Butts, Doug Albright, Darrell Drake

Hampshire Board of Directors

Name State Term expires*  
Dusty Cain Iowa 2018* Chairman
Kyle Baade Nebraska 2019 Vice Chairman
Mike Day Oklahoma 2019  
Jim McCoy Ohio 2019*  
Mike Watson Indiana 2020*  
Kevin Wendt Ohio 2020*  
Kevin Sharrett Ohio 2020  
*denotes second term

(l to r): Dusty Cain, Jim McCoy, Mike Day, Mike Watson, Kyle Baade, Not Pictured: Kevin Wendt, Kevin Sharrett

Landrace Board of Directors

Name State Term expires*  
Lynsee Shaffer-Pullen Indiana 2019* Chairman
Nick Siedelmann Iowa 2018 Vice Chairman
Sam Malcolm Indiana 2018  
Mark Korb Ohio 2019  
Jonas McGrew Illinois 2019  
Russell Pedrett California 2020  
Freddie Grohmann Illinois 2020  
*denotes second term

(l to r): Lynsee Shaffer-Pullen, Freddie Grohmann, Nick Siedelmann, Jonas McGrew, Russell Pedrett, Mark Korb, Not Pictured: Sam Malcolm

Yorkshire Board of Directors

Name State Term expires*  
Dr. Mike Tripp Okla. 2018* Chairman
Broc Thompson Ohio 2020* Vice Chairman
Dan Burzlaff Iowa 2018*  
Steve Cobb Arkansas 2019  
Matt Rohrig Iowa 2019*  
Ben Olsen South Dakota 2020  
Kevin Ricker Ohio 2020  
*denotes second term

(l to r): Steve Cobb, Dr. Mike Tripp, Dan Burzlaff,Broc Thompson, Kevin Ricker, Ben Olsen, Matt Rohrig