Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address and phone number for the NSR office?

The address for the NSR Office is: 2639 Yeager Road, West Lafayette, IN 47906, and the phone number is (765)-463-3594.

What is the NJSA calendar year?

The current NJSA calendar year is August 1-July 31. All ages are as of Jan. 1 of the current NJSA year, and all new policies will be effective beginning Aug. 1, unless otherwise specified.

Where can I find more information about the NJSA?

You can find information about the NJSA by visiting the NJSA section of the NSR website, calling the NSR office at (765)-463-3594 or e-mailing Bailey Craft, the NJSA Events and Education Manager, at baileyc@nationalswine.com.

How can I sign up to be an NJSA member?

You can sign up to be an NJSA member on the NSR website. Click on READ MORE under the MEMBERSHIP heading on the NJSA page and fill out the online form.  A certificate and new member information packet will be mailed to you within one month. 

What does it cost to become an NJSA member?

NJSA membership is completely free. However, a $15 Junior Show Fee has been added to exhibit at each NJSA event. This fee is to help cover expenses with the NJSA Regional and National Shows. The participation fee will be paid at each show that the NJSA member participates in during the NJSA show calendar year (August 1st – July 31st). This excludes affiliate events.

Do I have to re-new my NJSA membership?

You never have to re-new your NJSA membership.  Once you sign up to be an NJSA member, you will remain a member until you are no longer 21 years old or younger as of Jan. 1 of the current year.

What do I get as an NJSA member?

As an NJSA member, you receive the annual NJSA calendar, the June Youth issue of the Seedstock EDGE magazine, e-mail updates and the opportunity to compete in several of our shows and events.

What are the age limits for the NJSA?

To be an NJSA member, you must be 21 years old or younger as of Jan. 1 of the current year. There is no minimum age limit; youth can join the NJSA at any age.  However, to participate in a NJSA show, the member must be able to exhibit their pig or compete in educational contests on their own with no assistance from ANYONE, including parents, siblings, NJSA Junior Board, NSR Staff, etc. or the member will be disqualified from the competition. Special arrangements can be made beforehand for exhibitors that need it. If you have any questions regarding this please contact Bailey Craft at baileyc@nationalswine.com or at 765-463-3594 ext. 109.

What are the age divisions in NJSA?

There are four age divisions in the NJSNovice (8 and under), Junior (9-12), Intermediate (13-16), and Senior (17-21).  All ages are as of Jan. 1 of the current year. 

Can I compete in the educational contests (skillathon, judging, photography, poster, and speech)
if I’m not exhibiting a gilt or barrow at the show?

Yes, you can compete in all educational contests at NJSA events, even if you are not exhibiting a gilt or barrow at the show.  However, there is a $5 participation fee for each contest you wish to participate in if you are not an exhibitor.

When are the ownership deadlines and farrowing dates for each NJSA show?

You can find the ownership deadlines and farrowing dates for each show under the NJSA Show & Event Information listed in the handbook.

What are the health requirements for the show I’m about to attend?

A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) is required at all NJSA and NSR events.  Due to specific state health rules, check the specific show information on the NJSA Shows & Events webpage or call the NSR office to receive a paper copy of ALL health requirements for each NJSA show. These health requirements must be followed or the animal will not be allowed on the grounds.

Do I need a Premises ID Number and how do I get one?

Yes, you do need a premises ID number to exhibit at an NJSA event.  It is easy to obtain a premises ID number by clicking here.  
This will prompt you to open a PDF document where you will then find your state and contact the designated person for your state.  You may also contact the NJSA for more information. 

I already attended YQCA training at a NJSA event, but I have not received my card. 
Who do I contact to obtain my card?

The NJSA does not assign YQCA numbers and cards to our exhibitors. Please call the National Pork Board to obtain your YQCA card, if you have not yet received it, at 515.223.2600.

What are the entry fees and late entry fees for NJSA shows?

Entry fees that are postmarked on, or prior to, the entry deadline are $50 for purebred entries and $50 for crossbred entries.  Entries postmarked after the listed entry deadline (which is considered the late entry fee), are $100 for purebreds and $100 for crossbreds.  ALL ENTRIES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

Can I show my gilt in the junior and the open show?

Gilts shown in the NJSA Southeast Regional, National Junior Summer Spectacular, The Exposition Junior Show and NBS Jr. Classic are eligible to be exhibited in the open show and offered for sale, as long as they are double-entered in the name of the junior exhibitor. All double-entered gilts must be entered with both the open show and NJSA junior show entry forms.  If the gilt is selected to be in the sale from the open show, she MUST be offered for sale through the NSR sale.  No hogs can be scratched from the sale after they have been selected from the NSR open show.  The owner of the hog has the option to purchase the hog back through the auction and must pay commission on the last bid that purchased the hog.  Any hog that is scratched from the sale will be fined the average sale price of that breed, banned from exhibiting for one year, and will be unable to show after one year if the fine has not been paid.  If the gilt is double-entered in the open show, she must be entered in the junior exhibitor’s name for both shows.

How can I show a crossbred?

In order to show a crossbred, you must also enter and SHOW a purebred hog of the same sex.  Therefore, you must exhibit at least one purebred gilt for every one crossbred gilt, and at least one purebred barrow for every one crossbred barrow. Crossbreds can be shown at all NJSA shows EXCEPT the National Junior Summer Spectacular in Louisville, Kentucky. The one-for-one rule does not apply at affiliate shows (American Royal, NAILE, National Western, Aksarben, or Arizona) EXCEPT it does apply at the National Barrow show in Austin, Minnesota.

What are the weight limits for NJSA shows?

The weight limits for all market hogs at NJSA shows will be 215-290 lbs. with a 15 lb. weigh-back, with the exception of the NBS Junior Barrow Classic, which will coincide with Hormel’s weight requirements. Weight limits for crossbred gilts are 375 lbs. and under at all shows with a 15 pound weigh-back.

How are penning assignments done at NJSA shows?

Open and junior entries are penned separately.  Hogs are penned by state, and in alphabetical order according to the exhibitors’ last name.  Requests are accepted to be penned next to another exhibitor(s) from the same state up until 7 days prior to the start of the show by calling the NSR office.  Requests are not accepted for exhibitors to be penned with others from different states.  Crossbreds, purebreds, barrows and gilts are all penned together.  Two pigs per pen per family are required; gilts and barrows will be penned together.  Divider gates will not be provided.  Pen cards cannot be moved once posted at a show.

Do I need to provide my own shavings at NJSA Shows?

Yes, you will need to provide your own shavings at NJSA Regional shows. NJSA will offer 1 bag of shavings at the Exposition Jr. National and NJSS. There will be additional shavings for purchase at all NJSA shows.

What do I need to bring to a show to check-in my hog? 

When you come to check-in, you need to bring the original pedigree and one copy of the pedigree for each purebred hog, the original health paper and/or certificate and one copy for each purebred or crossbred hog, and one copy of your current PQA Plus certificate or card.

How do I qualify to compete in the Sweepstakes Contest at an NJSA show?

In order to qualify for the Sweepstakes Contest, exhibitors must show a purebred gilt or barrow, participate in showmanship, and the judging and/or skillathon contests (the National Junior Summer Spectacular and Western Regional offers both the skillathon and judging contests, so exhibitors must participate in both in order to be eligible).

Where do I sign up to compete in the Sweepstakes Contest at an NJSA show?

You sign up to compete in the Sweepstakes Contest at each show during show check-in.  If you do not declare that you are participating in the Sweepstakes Contest at check-in, you are ineligible to participate.

How do I qualify for the Bred & Owned Division?

All gilts MUST have been bred and owned by the exhibitor.  Gilts registered in the family or a farm name that includes a family member more than 21 years of age, from date of birth, is not accepted.  Exhibitor must have owned the dam at time of breeding.  The exhibitor must be listed on the pedigree as BOTH the breeder and the owner of the gilt they are exhibiting.  The exhibitors first and last name must be listed on the pedigree.

When do I declare if my gilt is in the Bred & Owned Division?

You must declare if your gilt is in the Bred & Owned division at the show check-in or you will be ineligible for the competition.

Do I have to show my own pig in showmanship?

No, you do not have to show your own pig in showmanship.  It is recommended that you use your own pig for showmanship, but you may use another exhibitor’s pig, as well.   If you do not want to show your pig in showmanship or don’t have a pig to show but would like to participate, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with another exhibitor.  The pig you choose MUST be entered in the open or junior show. 

Do I have to show my own pig in the gilt or barrow show?

If exhibitor is not present to show his/her hog, the hog CANNOT be exhibited unless previously approved by NJSA staff.  If a hog is exhibited by anyone other than the registered exhibitor without permission from NJSA staff, the exhibitor will be disqualified from the show and all premiums and awards will be revoked.  This includes incidences of illness, double-entry in a class, and emergencies.

How do I become a sponsor of the NJSA?

To become a sponsor of the NJSA, visit the NJSA sponsorship section of the NSR website  to fill out a pledge card or contact the National Swine Registry at (765)-463-3594. You can also visit the National Swine Registry home page and click the “Donate to the NJSA” button!

How do I sign up to volunteer at an NJSA event?

We are always looking for volunteers! You can sign up to be a volunteer at an NJSA event by checking the “Volunteer” box on the show entry form or by contacting Bailey Craft at (765)-463-3594 ext. 109.

How and when do I apply for the three NSR internships?

Applications for the three NSR internships are due Oct. 1 of each year.  Send your resume, cover letter, and list of three references to the NSR office to apply for one of the internships. You can also apply and learn more by visiting this link: https://nationalswine.com/about/about-jobs.php

When are the NJSA scholarships due?

All NJSA scholarships are due March 1 with the exception of The Maschhoff’s Inc. Pork Production Scholarship that is due May 1.

Where do I find the NJSA scholarship applications?

All scholarship applications can be found at http://nationalswine.com/njsa/scholarships.php Click on the scholarship you wish to apply for at the top of the page and then click “More Information.”  Finally, at the bottom of the page, click “Download Scholarship.”

How do I get Skillathon information and help?

The NJSA has a lot of valuable Skillathon resources available for you to utilize! Visit this link: https://nationalswine.com/resources/resources-main.php. Need more information? Call the NJSA office at (765)-463-3594, email Bailey Craft, baileyc@nationalswine.com, or visit the NJSA booth at an NJSA show or event.

How do I get judging contest information and help?

The NJSA has a some resources available for you to use! You can also visit Stock Center for judging contest videos. Find more information using this link: https://nationalswine.com/resources/resources-main.php

How can I get tickets for the NJSA Drawing?

To request tickets for the NJSA Drawing, contact the NJSA office at (765)463-3594. Prizes will be awarded to the top three sellers.  The drawings occur at the National Junior Summer Spectacular.

How do I get the NJSA Calendar?

The NJSA Calendar is mailed out to all NJSA members in December of each year.

How can I apply for the NJSA Junior Board of Directors?

To apply for the NJSA Junior Board of Directors, submit an application by March 1 and you will be scheduled complete an interview with the NSR Youth Advisory Board at the NJSA National Youth Leadership Conference.

Junior Board Candidate Questions

At what age can I run for the Junior Board?

To be eligible to run for the NJSA Junior Board of Directors, candidates must be between the ages of 17-20 as of January 1 of the application year.

How do I apply for the Junior Board?

To apply for the junior board, candidates must fill out the Junior Board of Directors application and mail it to the NSR office. This application can be found at www.nationalswine.com.

Once I have completed the Junior Board application, what’s the next step?

Once you have submitted the application, all candidates will be required to participate in an interview that takes place on Sunday afternoon after the completion of the National Youth Leadership Conference.

After the interview is completed, the selection committee will narrow down the candidate pool. The remaining candidates are required to come to the National Junior Summer Spectacular to work for the week. The new junior board will be announced on Friday night at the National Junior Summer Spectacular.

How is the board selected?

There is a selection committee in place that will interview candidates at the National Youth Leadership Conference. This same committee will also be at the National Junior Summer Spectacular where they will be watching the candidates interact with the current junior board. On Thursday night of the National Junior Summer Spectacular, the selection committee will meet again to make selections for the new junior board.

When do I find out if I made the Junior Board?

All candidates will be aware if they made the junior board on Friday morning at the National Junior Summer Spectacular.

Travel Questions

How do I get to all of the shows/events that would be required of me?

The new junior board will meet for a retreat in either July or August following the announcement of the junior board. At this time we will decide who will be attending what shows and events throughout the year. The NJSA will cover your travel expenses. If you are flying, you will work with the Director of Junior Activities to book your flight. If you are driving to the event, you will be required to pay for your gas upfront, but you will be allowed to turn in your receipts and an expense form within thirty days of the event.  

Your hotel room and meals will be taken care of by the NJSA while you working the show/event.

What shows and events will I be required to attend?

During the junior board retreat, we will decide who will be attending what shows and events throughout the year. We look at your fall and spring schedules to plan who will be able to make it to each event. Generally we look at your proximity to the event when deciding who will be going to which show.

Please keep in mind that you may be have to miss out on fun weekends at your school, and missing a football game is not a valid reason for you to not come to a show. However, if you are involved in a school club or judging team, we will work with your schedule.

Junior Board Member Responsibility Questions

Besides attending shows/events, what is required of me as a Junior Board Member?

Junior board members play a huge role in the success of the NJSA. Besides attending shows/events, junior board members are also required to make sponsorship phone calls, sell drawing tickets, write youth spotlights, and write blog posts. Although this may seem overwhelming, your responsibilities are spread throughout the year so it won’t interfere with your work or classes.

How much work is it to be a junior board member?

Reading through the responsibilities (i.e. sponsorship calls, youth spotlight write-ups, blog posts, etc.) that you have throughout the year may seem like a lot or a little overwhelming; however, these are spread throughout the year so it won’t interfere with your work or classes.

Junior Board Layout Questions

How long is a junior board member term?

Each junior board term is 2 years long. The term starts and ends on Friday night of the National Junior Summer Spectacular.

What is the difference between At Large and Regional positions?

These positions have very few differences. The main difference is that when you represent a region, you are expected to be at the regional show that takes place in your region. Other than that, the regional and at-large positions were created to keep a balance of what states and parts of the country are represented on the junior board.

What are the offices on the Junior Board and how is it structured?

During your first year on the junior board at the National Youth Leadership Conference, you are given the opportunity to apply for one of the following officer positions: President, Vice President, and Secretary.

When you hold one of the titles above, you are given more responsibility with getting on the microphone more, keeping the junior board communication up between the group, managing/creating the junior board Facebook group, and occasionally writing additional Seedstock Edge articles or blog posts.

General Questions

Can I still show while being on the board?

Junior board members are still allowed to show during their first year on the junior board. However, second year board members are not allowed to show at any NJSA events. This does not include: American Royal, NAILE, Arizona Nationals, or National Western Stock Show.

General Questions

What is the National Youth Leadership Conference?

The NJSA National Youth Leadership Conference was created as a way to provide opportunities and resources to youth from all across the country. Over the course of three days, you will be put in front of potential future employers, have multiple chances to ask questions about your future goals and take a leap to develop valuable leadership skills to carry with you throughout life.. This conference moves location on a yearly basis.

Who can attend?

Youth participants ages 14-21 as of Jan. 1, of that year, are welcome to attend the event.

What is the Pork Checkoff Travel Scholarship?

The Pork Checkoff Travel Scholarship is sponsored by the National Pork Board and is awarded to first time NYLC attendees. Up to 10 youth participants are eligible for this $200 travel scholarship. This is awarded on the Saturday of NYLC during the closing session.

When is the Pork Checkoff Travel Scholarship due?

The Pork Checkoff Travel Scholarship is due on a date to be determined each year. Find the date and application here: https://nationalswine.com/events/other-events/nylc/nylc-main.php

Registration Questions

What is the registration fee? What does this fee include?

The $200 registration fee covers the participant's meals, hotel rooms, and travel expenses from Thursday morning until Saturday afternoon.

How do you register for the event?

Register by clicking this link: https://nationalswine.com/events/other-events/nylc/nylc-main.php

Lodging and Travel Questions

Are hotel rooms provided for the youth participants or do we need to find them ourselves?

Hotel rooms are provided for the youth participants. The NJSA will create a rooming list ahead of time so that all youth participants are roomed by gender and age.
The NJSA will only cover rooms for Thursday night until Saturday morning. If participants arrive on Wednesday evening, they will be responsible for the cost of that room. HOWEVER, the NJSA staff will still book those rooms for participants and will send a bill within a week of the conclusion of the event. This ensures that all participants receive the discounted group rate. If youth participants due arrive on Thursday night, please let the NJSA, know ASAP! 

Are we responsible for getting to and from the airport?

The NJSA will provide pick up and drop off assistance for all members traveling to the National Youth Leadership Conference. If you are flying in, it is very important that you get that information to NJSA staff! They will put your pick up and drop off information into an excel spreadsheet and will email that to you a week prior to the event. Please send your travel information to Bailey Craft at baileyc@nationalswine.com

Arrival and Departure Questions

When should youth participants and adult leaders arrive?

Youth participants and adult leaders should arrive by 8:45 a.m. on Thursday morning to go through the registration line. The conference will begin right at 9 a.m.., so please make sure that you have eaten breakfast at the time of your arrival.

When are is the conference completed?

The conference will conclude at noon on Saturday. All youth participants and adult leaders are excused at this time.

Parent/Guardian Attendee Questions

Is there a cost associated with being an Parent/Guardian Attendee?

You pay the same $200 fee to attend the conference.

Do Parent/Guardian Attendees have to sign up ahead of time?

Parent/Guardian attendees are required to sign up ahead of time. This can be completed by going through the same process as the youth participants; however, you will mark the box that is titled “ Parent/Guardian Attendee.” By completing this entry form, the NJSA staff is able to book hotel rooms and plan meals and travel accordingly.

Do Parent/Guardian Attendee have to book their own rooms?

Parent/Guardian attendees do not have to book their own rooms. The NJSA staff will book these rooms. This ensures that everyone will receive the discounted group rate.